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How to convert a map from 226f to 225f
By TheEmperorStalwartUK

This article shows one of the methods of converting a map from version 226f to version 225f, there are other ways which are described at the bottom of the page but the way shown below is the only one that works for me and has a 100% sucess rate if you follow the instructions.


Here you can go to the relevant section if you need to remind yourself of what to do.

1.0 - Introduction

This article shows a method of converting a map from version 226f to version 225f, there are other ways which are described at the bottom of the page but the way shown below is the only one that works for me and has a 100% sucess rate if you follow the below.

This article is aimed for users that use 226f and need to convert their map(s) to 225f, reason is that they are usually unable to get a 225f editor working (like me) or they may have limited hard drive space.

What you need

* - You don't have to test your map since it should usually work but you should test it if possible to just make sure.

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1.1 - Get Frhed

Firstly you will need to download the actual Frhed program, to do so go here

Now download Frhed v1.0.156 (that's a stable version), when the download is complete, you should scroll down to the below section on what to do next.

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1.2 - Open up Frhed

Now that you've downloaded Frhed you can now actually get to work, firstly, you should unzip the file, when you have done so, fire up the frhed exe file which should be located in the root directory of the zip file.

You should now see something like this when you fire up Frhed, note that Frhed is a binary/hex editor, hence the layout.

Now you can open your map, to do this, click on File on the toolbar then Open, then open your map file (which should be a *.unr file).

When you open the map you should see a load of numbers and letters as well as some strange characters come up, if you see that then you've opened your map up sucessfully.

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1.3 - Find LevelSummary

Now we shall find the actual string that we are going to replace (LevelSummary). Go to the toolbar, then click on Edit.

Then click on Find...

Now you should be able to see a window that looks pretty much like this, in the Find what box type in LevelSummary and then press OK.

Now you should be able to see LevelSummary and it's corresponding windows hilighted in the main Frhed window.

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1.4 - Replace LevelSummary

We will now actually replace LevelSummary with SpecialEvent because SpecialEvent just happens to have the same amount of characters as LevelSummary does, you should now go to Edit on the toolbar again.

But this time click on Replace instead of Find.

You should now see a window like this, now in the Replace with box type in SpecialEvent then press Replace.

Now you should see that LevelSummary has been replaced with SpecialEvent (along with it's corresponding numbers).

It's now time to save your converted map, to do so, go to File on the Toolbar then click on Save.

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1.5 - Completed

Well done, you've should've now sucessfully converted your map to version 225f!, if you want to, just to make sure, you should start it up in a v225f Unreal and play it just to see if it works, but (so far) it seems to work 100% of the time just as long as you follow the instructions! Now 225f, 224v as well as Unreal Gold (226b) users can now play your map!

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1.6 - Alternative ways

At this time I know of one alternative that might just work, it's a command line program called MapConverter by Winged Unicorn that is susposed to work by basically doing the above automaticaly but unfornatly I have been unable to get the program to work

You can get MapConverter here.

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1.7 - About this Article

The following is information about this article and how it was made.

Author: TheEmperorStalwartUK aka StalwartUK.

How long it took to make this article: 2 1/2 hours originaly, about 1 hour for revised version.

Programs Used

This article is also a descedent of this article.

The article was originaly created on 15/10/04, tweaked and uploaded on 18/6/05.

The map that was used in this article was DM-Carcane, a map made by me.

UNREAL (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by GT Software, Inc. under license. UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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