Unreal Admin Commands and Cheats

Basic Commands:

exit - exit the game

shot - take a screenshot

Demorec - Demorec records a demo of you in-game so you can play it back when your done playing, but after you type in demorec you have to asign a file name.E.G.: DEMOREC irock

StopDemo - Stop Demo stops recording of the demo, You dont have to be admin to use the demorec and the stopdemo command.E.G.: STOPDEMO irock

Demoplay "Filename" Demoplay, play's the demo you made with the code above.E.G.: DEMOPLAY irock

addbots # - addbots in your game where # is the amount

allammo - get 999 of ammo of every gun you have at that moment

god - invincible, cant be killed

amphibious - underwater time is 999999

invisible - become invisible

fly - you can fly around the air like you are under water

ghost - fly and walk through walls, like clipping

walk - return to nomal from invisible, ghost, and fly

behindview # - look behind you, so camera is trailing you, if # is 1, it is behind you, if # is 0, it returns to first peron view

killpawns - kills all monsters (pawns) of that level, some may still be there because they appear by a switch

playersonly - freeze all action, like bots, monsters, even bullets, but you can still walk around, dosen't work in multiplayer

slowmo # - set game speed, where # is the number (1 is 100% game speed, 2 is 200% etc...)

summon $$$ - spawns an actor of a specific class, where $$$ is the item (e.x. summon nali, or summon rocket)

Admin Commands for server:

kick $$$ - kicks the person off the server, where $$$ is the exact name

switchlevel $$$ - switches level to $$$, must have exact name with.unr (e.x. switchlevel dmdeck16.unr)

switchcooplevel $$$ - same as above, but for coop maps (e.x. switchcooplevel nalic.unr)

admin set engine.gamereplicationinfo servername $$$ - change the name of server to where $$$ is the new name

admin set engine.gamereplicationinfo adminname $$$ - changes where it says "admin name:" to what $$$ is

admin set engine.gamereplicationinfo adminemail $$$ - changes admin email to $$$

admin set engine.gamereplicationinfo MOTDline# $$$ - changes the MOTD information, where # is the specific line (1,2,3,4) and $$$ is the new info

admin set unrealshare.entrygameInfo bnomonsters $$$ - changes allowing monsters, where $$$=true or false

admin set unrealshare.entrygameInfo bhumansonly $$$ - changes allowing non-human characters to enter, where $$$=true or false

admin set unrealshare.teamgame maxteams $$$ - changes the maximum amount of teams, where $$$ is 1-4

admin set unrealshare.teamgame maxteamsize $$$ - changes the maximum amount of players limited on a team, where $$$ is the max

admin set unrealshare.teamgame goalteamscore $$$ - sets the frag limit for the total team score, where $$$ is the max

admin set unrealshare.deathmatchgame fraglimit $$$ - sets the frag limit for a deathmatch game, where $$$ is the limit

admin set unrealshare.deathmatchgame timelimit $$$ - sets the max time limit, works on all game types, where $$$ is the time limit

admin set unrealshare.deathmatchgame bchangelevels $$$ - sets the server to change levels or not, if not, it will repeat the level when frag or time limit is met, where $$$=true or false

admin set unrealshare.dmmaplist Maps[#] $$$ - lets u change the order of map list switching, where # is 0-30, with 0 being the first, 30 being the last, and where $$$ is the exact map name (e.g. dmdeck16.unr)

admin set ipdrv.tcpnetdriver allowdownloads $$$ - sets server to allow players to download off of the server, where $$$=true or false

admin set ipdrv.tcpnetdriver maxtickspersecond ### - sets max ticks per second, where ### is the number

admin set engine.gameinfo bnocheating $$$ - sets no cheating on or off (like summoning things or using god, or rmode) where $$$=true or false

admin set engine.gameinfo maxspectators ### - sets the spectator limit where ### is the number

admin set engine.gameinfo adminpassword $$$ - changes the admin pass where $$$ is the exact word

admin set engine.gameinfo gamepassword $$$ - starts, or changes the game pass where $$$ is the exact word

admin set ipdrv.tcpnetdriver maxclientrate ### - sets the max client rate where ### is the number

admin set engine.gameinfo maxplayers ## - set the max player limit where ## is how many

admin set botpack.teamgameplus fraglimit ## - sets the frag limit in a team game where ## is the limit

admin set playerreplicationinfo playername $$$ - sets all players name to whatever you want, where $$$ is the exact name

admin set playerreplicationinfo ping # - sets everyones ping to #, dosent effect real ping, just makes it look like everyone has that ping for a second

admin set playerreplicationinfo score # - sets everybodies score to #, good if you wanna restart a duel match without re-entering

Guns and Ammo Specifactions:

summon weaponpowerup - makes the powerup thing for dispersionpistol

Gun Name: Small Ammo Type: Large Ammo Type: Alt Projectile Type: Projectile Type:
dispersionpistol regenerates regenerates dispersionammo (dammo2,3,4,5) dispersionammo (dammo2,3,4,5)
automag clip shellbox none none
stinger none stingerammo stingerprojectile stingerprojectile
asmd none asmdammo tazerproj none
eightball none rocketcan grenade rocket
flakcannon flakshellammo flakbox flakshell none
razorjack none razorammo razorblade razorblade
gesbiorifle none sludge bigbiogel biogel
rifle rifleround rifleammo none none
minigun clip shellbox none none

other neat projectiles are: bigrock (a rock that the titan throws) and a skaarjprojectile (what skaarjwarriors shoot)

Inventory Item Specifactions:

Name: Effect:
flare drops light in a place and lights it up for a few seconds
flashlight gives you light in the pointed direction, wears off after a minute
searchlight same as flashlight, except is brighter, and lasts really long
translator universal translator-you can read messages
scubagear lets you breath under water for a few minutes
invisibilty makes you invisible, except when you shoot, lasts for about a minute
superhealth gives you +100 health
kevlarsuit an armor type item which is good for 100 hit points
toxinsuit toxic chemicals, like sludge, dosen't effect you, gesbiorifle does nothing to you when you have that
asbestossuit a suit which protects you aginst laval or magma
shieldbelt gives you +100 shield that dosen't effect your health
powershield same as a shieldbelt, but +200
armor gives you +100 armor, which protects you till 0 health
forcefield makes a forcefield in that place which stops everything, last very shortly, though
voicebox makes a box that produces gun shot sounds to draw bots and opponents to thinking there is a battle
seeds makes seeds that will grow into nali healing fruit
weaponpowerup makes a powerup for the dispersion pistol
jumpboots gives you 3 jumps, that can jump you 30 feet in the air

Monster and Other Pawns:


Titan - Stonetitan



Skaarjwarrior - skaarjscout - skaarjlord - skaarjberserker - skaarjassassin - iceskaarj

Skaarjtrooper - skaarjsniper - skaarjinfantry - skaarjgunner - skaarjofficer



Nali - Nalipriest

Mercenary - Mercenaryelite

Manta - giantmanta - cavemanta

Krall - lesserkrall - krallelite

Gasbog - giantgasbag



Cow - babycow


Brute - lesserbrute - behemoth


Horsefly - horseflyswarm - deadbodyswarm

Parentblob - Bloblet

Biterfish - Biterfishschool


Set Commands:

<-- use this to set the ammo for you or other players -->

admin set ammo ammoamount ### - sets the ammo amount for all players

<-- use this to make guns that shoot projectiles, to shoot a different one -->

admin set $$$ ### %%% - $$$ is item, ### is classname, %%% is variable

admin set stinger projectileclass bigrock - stinger shoots rocks for its first fire

admin set stinger altprojectileclass skaarjprojectile - stinger shoots skaarj projectile for its altfire

admin set dispersionpistol projectileclass rocket - makes dispersionpistol shoot rockets

<-- use this to set how long the inventory company lasts -->

admin set jumpboots charge 9999 - sets jumpboots jumps (or lasting time) to 9999

admin set scubagear charge 9999 - sets scubagear lasting time to 9999

admin set shieldbelt charge 9999 - sets shieldbelt to give you +9999 when you pick it up

<-- use this to set the speed of a projectile -->

admin set flakshell speed 9999 - sets the speed at with a flakshell travels to 9999

admin set razorblade speed 9999 - sets the speed at which a razorblade goes

admin set rocket speed 1 - makes rockets travel at 1 speed (really slow)

<-- use this to set the health of a player or monster -->

admin set human health 9999 - sets the health of all human players to 9999

admin set nali health 9999 - sets all nali's health to 9999

admin set titan health 1 - sets titan's health to 1

<-- use this to make human skins to look transparent -->

admin set unrealiplayer style sty_translucent

<-- use this to set human player or monsters skin -->

admin set human skin fireeffect## - sets human skin to fireeffect where ## is the type (e.x. 1, or 13, or 1u)

admin set human skin greenshield - sets human skin to greenshild

admin set human skin redshield - sets human skin to redshield

admin set human skin blueshield - sets human skin to blueshield

admin set nali skin watereffect1 - sets nali skins to watereffect

<-- use this to set the jump height of a player -->

admin set human jumpz ### - sets human jump height to ## (350 is normal)

<-- use this to set how fat or skinny those players look -->

admin set human fatness ### - sets how fat or skinny you look to ### (128 is normal) max is 256

<-- use this to make guns shoot all at once, or alot at once -->

admin set $$$ mesh nali - sets the gun to shoot all at once ($$$ is any gun), works good with allammo and automag or 8ball

<-- use this to set the damage a gun does -->

admin set automag hitdamage ### - sets the damage the automag can do where ### is how much (non projectile guns only)

admin set asmd hitdamage ### - sets the damage the asmd does

<-- use this to set the gravity in any map -->

admin set zoneinfo zonegravity (z=###) - set gravity to ### (850 or 950 is normal)

<-- use this to set player textures in unreal -->

admin set human mesh male1 - sets all players texture mesh to appear as male1 texture, does not effect you if already male1

admin set human mesh eightball - makes all players invisible, with no apperent texture

<-- use this to set the damage for a projectilec -->

admin set tazerproj damage ### - sets tazerproj damage done to ###, where ### is how much ( if damage goes above 61 for tazerproj, it will make orange amped rings when it hits a wall)

admin set rocket damage ### - sets the damage a rocket does

admin set razorblade damage ### - sets the damage a razorblade does

<-- use this to set the drawscale (size) of on object -->

admin set biogel drawscale 50 - sets the drawscale of biogel to 50, (pretty big)

admin set nali drawscale 100 - sets the nali drawscale to 100, (lol he gets like 500ft tall :)

<-- use this to set the mass of objects -->

admin set barrel mass 1 - sets the barrel mass to 1 (its so light if u drop it in the water it bounces up and down)

admin set human mass 400 - sets human mass to 400, try 10 or so, when u shoot a person they will go flying :P

Misc Commands:

Timedemo # - shows your current fps, if # is 1, shows it, if # is 0, stops it

setname $$$ - changes your name where $$$ is the new name

summon triggereddeath - makes a spot where if anyone or anything walks into it-they die

stat net - stats the all the information on your connection, ping, and packets. This stats the packet loss and exact ping.

summon spriteexplosion - summon a sprite explosion right infront of you-looks really kool

summon ringexplosion - summons an explosion when a tazerproj hits the wall

summon respawn - summons a weapon/inventory respawn "sparkles"

summon waterimpact - summons an unreal "splash"

admin get $$$$ - same as admin set, but before u set on object, like zonegravity, u can see what the normal is by looking in the console


© 2001 by Chad M. Vanuskich a.k.a. Game Keeper

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