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BoomDarts Updated - September 12, 2009
Boomdarts has been updated to decrease the time it takes to download the file. What was once over 20 megs has been reduced to 3.4 megs.
Download BoomDarts here.

Relics Mutator added to Run & Gun Server - June 16, 2009
The Relics mod has been added to the Run & Gun Server to change up the game play. Learn what each relic does here.

Update Your Unreal Browser - September 20, 2008
With the master server down your browser will not return any servers. You can can add a few extra Master Servers just by editing your Unreal.ini but only if your using 225F and above. Read more here.

Master Server Down - September 18, 2008
Unreal's Master server has been down for the last few days and hopefully in will be back up shortly. As most of you are aware of this since you can't bring up servers in your browser unless you are running the 227e patch. Dedicated servers running 227e or Nephthys v1.3 will show up on the backup master server.

SP Server's - September 16, 2008
TNN has decided to stop offering game servers and abruptly shut them down. I am in the process of trying to get the servers back up and running and with luck I hope to have one up by the end of the week.

Monster Hunt Game - August 26, 2008
Monster Hunt has been added to the -=MultiGame-Server=- In Monster Hunt you and your team of hunters work together battling your way through the maps where you will meet fierce and deadly monsters.

Updated SP_NSAv5 File - July 29, 2007
I have getting complaints on how the sniper rifle does not have a muzzle flash when firing making it hard to locate players, so I have added a new gun that has a dim flash and will be testing it in the server. Once tested I will offer it for download.

Indus5 Version Mismatch - June 2, 2007
A Indus5 version mismatch was found and corrected on the server's. You should not be affected unless you downloaded and installed one of the following maps. DMAirport, DMDarkCity][, DMRooftops, DMTigerHunt][ and DMToywars. I have updated the Indus5 file in each of these zipped files. If you downloaded these maps, please download the texture update and update your map files and your texture file in Unreal. You can find the Indus5. utx file here.

Infiltration Server - May 24, 2007
Sniper's Paradise has changed the lobby portal map to a Infiltration server, come and join the team standoff game. Use common sense, pay attention to detail, and watch your buddy's back. Teamwork will separate the winners from the dead.

Lobby Server Portal Updated - April 17, 2007 Since the servers have been moved I had to update the Server portal map so they would point to the new server location. Please remove your copy of SP3Lobby map and install the new lobby map into your Unreal maps folder. Get just the updated lobby Map (1.69) Megs only here.

Servers Moved - April 17, 2007
All the Sniper's Paradise servers have moved to the West Coast. The new IP for the server is, the ports remain the same. If you have the servers saved as favorites and want to add them back into your favorites, go into your Unreal.ini and search for them under

You should see the servers next to "FavoriteNames", make note as to what number your wanting to edit then scroll down to "FavoriteIPs" and find the number that you made note of. Change the IP to the one above ( and you now have the servers back in your favorites.

Lobby Server Portal - March 22, 2007
Sniper's Paradise has added a "Lobby Server Portal", allowing you to choose a skin and join either server through the lobby portal. You will not be able see the Run & Gun or Sniper Server on your Unreal browser but you can always use the "Server Status" links on the home page to see who is playing and what map is up.

Unreal FAQ - December 25, 2006
I have added a detailed Unreal FAQ to the website that has been adapted from Cleaner's Big Unofficial FAQ for Unreal Tournament. I am positive it will help answer the questions you have about the game Unreal. This is a in depth guide, answering the most basic questions for the beginners to giving advice to the most advanced Unreal Player. Find the guide on the Helpful Information page or by clicking here.

Assault updated - March 17, 2006
I have updated Assault once more, bringing in new models and hopefully fixing some issues. The file is rather larger then the first so please download Assault here and install it in your unreal/system folder overwriting the existing assault file.

Male3SP Skin updated - February 15, 2006
Due to the increasingly amount of complaints I have taken the black skin out of the Male3SP skins. This is largely due to invisible spawning in the Run & Gun server where players use it to sneak as they spawn in to get a cheap frag. This will also affect the sniper server, so for now you will not be able to use this skin on either server. Please download the SP3lobby and overwrite all your existing files in your Unreal folder.

Sniper Zahltag Office Testing - November 21, 2005
Download Sniper Zahltag Office here. The map is up for testing and the files are fairly large so I'm putting the link here for faster downloading.

Boom Darts Update - November 6, 2005
Download the newest version of Boomdarts from the download page. Boomdarts now work like they are suppose to, they explode on contact!

[SP] Player Stats - November 3, 2005
Sniper's Paradise has started to track players stats on those of you that play on [SP]. Check out the Rankings link and if you want to be added shoot me an an email and I will try to get your player stats posted. You will need to send me the EXACT spelling of your name including the characters that add color to your name. Read the rankings page for more detail.

[SP] Servers - October 1, 2005
Sniper's Paradise now has 2 servers once more. [SP] 1 will focus on sniper maps for those of you who like to snipe and be stealthy while [SP] 2 will play the hard core, fast paced maps that everyone seems to enjoy.

MP3 Player - September 18, 2005
You can now listen to music while browsing Sniper's Paradise or any other website by opening the [SP] MP3 Player and choosing the song you would like to hear. If you would like to add your music (must be in a mp3 format and of [SP] standard) then email them to RUSH and he will try and add them to the playlist.

Ditto's Basement - August 21, 2005
I would like to apologize to Skull skewer for not giving him credit for his map. As you all know I import many maps from UT and bring them to the game of unreal. In one of my many imports I inadvertently took Skull skewer's name off as the author of Ditto's Basement. I want everyone to know I do not take credit for the design of the map and ask Skull skewer to accept my apologies for my over sight.

New Web Host - August 20, 2005
Sniper's Paradise has changed web host. I am in the process of fixing all the download links, if you find a link that does not work please email RUSH with the name of the broken link. Soon to come is a new message board and a site where you will be able to upload your maps. Just to name a few....... Hope you enjoy it.

Maps Uploaded - August 13, 2005
Sniper's Paradise Maps are ready for download. If you would like a spefic map and it's not in the map download section or if there are any missing files, please Email RUSH to let him know.

Special Thanks - August 11, 2005
I would like to give a special thanks to The Nerd Network. Dan has been so kind to give me enough space at no cost to host all the maps on Sniper's Paradise. You can find the link on the download page.

Player Preview Fixed - August 11, 2005
You should once again be able to view who's playing on the [SP] servers.

Player Preview - August 8, 2005
The player preview is not working at this time. I hope to have it up soon so please be patient while the issue is being address. If anyone knows php please drop me a line. I am trying to get a few queries working and need some expertise in this area.

Greatly Appreciated! - July 24, 2005
I want to thank all the players on Sniper's Paradise for all their ideas and especially Softly for all the long hours spent in creating and helping me build this site. Without her I could have never had such a wonderful and professional looking site and not to mention all she has taught me in building and editing the web pages.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart your generosity is greatly appreciated!

DL Issues A Part of the Past! - July 22, 2005
The download issues have been fixed. Both the downloads page and the Map of the Week are working as intended! Please let us know of any problems. Thanks!

Download Issues - July 21, 2005
We are aware there are issues with downloading files from the site. We're working on getting them fixed, so please bear with us. Thanks!

Thank you {hLk}Havok! - July 19, 2005
Thanks to the generosity of {hLk}Havok, we now have the ability to view the *SP* servers to see what map is playing, who is playing and what the server rules are from the website. Click the graphic next to the 'Play now' link in the [SP] Servers Info area to view this information. Hopefully, we'll soon have the 'Play now' function working correctly so that you can join a game from the website as well.

Ventrilo Update - July 18, 2005
A new Ventrilo 2.3.0 Windows Client has been released. You can download it here. To speak on the Ventrilo server, you will need this new version.

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