Sniper's Paradise Bots!

Here are just a few custom bots to download.

[SP] Bender Mechanical Robot

[SP] Bug Bot Green Bug Bot

[SP]Chrek Big Spider Bot

[SP] Conni Bikini Female Bot

[SP] E209 Robot Bot

[SP] GG Female Female Bot

[SP] GG Male Male Bot

[SP] Girly Teenage Bot

[SP] Gordon Half Life Bot

[SP] JHTM Half Life Bot

[SP] Johnny 5 Bot from the movie Johnny 5

[SP] Julie Female Bot

[SP]LaraCroft Bot from Tomb Raider

[SP] Marine US Marine Bot

[SP]Messiah Shotgun carrying bot

[SP] Obiwan Bot from Star Wars

[SP] Servo Robot from Lost in Space

[SP] SniperGal Half Life Bot

[SP]SolidSnake Half Life bot

[SP] Squirrel Squirrel Bot

[SP] Trinity Matrix Bot

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