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Welcome to Sniper's Paradise!

Sniper's Paradise is an Unreal server where you find players who love the game. These maps are large and good for hunting and sniping. It makes it challenging for those who like open playing, especially if you are being targeted by a good sniper. I tend to run big levels because I hate to be in a battle where someone comes up from behind and tries to frag you as you're fraggin another player. I hope you enjoy playing here.........RUSH.

[SP] Server Rules

  1. Show respect for your fellow players -
    No one likes a cheap player so
    please play respectfully!
  2. No foul language of any kind.
    This is your only warning.
  3. No offensive or sexually
    explicit names
  4. No spamming or flooding -
    Do not repeat taunts continously.
  5. No cheating - Cheating will get
    you banned.
  6. Promote fair and friendly play
Game Play
  1. Have good sportsmanship - give
    spawners a chance!
  2. Do not spawn shoot players.
  3. Do not deliberately spawn kill
  4. Do not camp in lifts or portals
  5. Do not abuse map bugs
  6. Do not target spawn sites.
  7. Do not follow spawners. Let
    spawners go while you turn
    and go the opposite direction.
  8. Please remember - you are a
    guest here. If you don't like the
    rules find another server.
Most importantly, Have fun!

For more information, please see the complete Server Rules and Code of Conduct Translated into 5 different languages.

Server News

Servers Moving - June 24, 2013
All [SP] Servers will be moving to a new IP due to the existing provider going out of business. Please delete the [SP] servers you have on your favorites tab and re-add them from the all server tab.

Custom Models - November 5, 2011
New custome player models have been added to the -=Multi-Server=- you can download the new models here.

227 Patch - June 2, 2011
The 227 patch is available for download at Sniper's Paradise. It is recommended that you update to 227 for enhancements and up to 10 times faster downloads. Get the patch here.

Female1Voice - August 14, 2010
If your having issues not being able to join MH-[SP]PolFridig because you're missing the file, then download Female1Voice here.

Assault Mod - March 26, 2010
The Assault mod has been added to the -=MultiGame-Server=-. Assault is a team based gametype in which one team attacks set objectives while the other team defends. Read more on Assault here.

For older news, please see the archives.

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