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What is Infiltration?

Infiltration is a military modification for Unreal. It combines the power of the Unreal game engine with a military look and feel (not to mention the ability to play against your friends or intelligent computer-controlled bots in custom levels). Infiltration attempts to be one of the most ambitious game modifications ever created.

You have all the weapons necessary to complete the mission, how you do it is up to you. Take the skills you learn in battle to help you with future missions and objectives. When you become a good sniper, it's because you develop the skill to use the weapon and tactics properly and effectively.

Use common sense, pay attention to detail, and watch your buddy's back. The essence of teamwork separates the winners from the dead.

Move with diligence. Running around aimlessly will only put your team, and the entire mission, at risk. Play it smart, and you might come out of this alive.

Military Definition of Infiltration

In warfare, infiltration tactics involve small, lightly-equipped infantry forces attacking enemy rear areas while bypassing enemy front-line strongpoints, isolating them for attack by follow-up friendly troops with heavier weapons. These tactics were used by the stormtroopers of the German Army in 1917 during the First World War, where they were also called Hutier tactics, after General Oskar von Hutier, who used these tactics to great effect during Operation Michael in March 1918.

The first use of German infiltration tactics occurred on 3 September 1917 when the German Eighth Army decisively ended the long siege before the Russian city of Riga. The same tactics were then employed to create a break through of the allied lines during the Battle of Caporetto in October 1917, in which the future General Erwin Rommel was involved and decorated as a battalion commander.

What you will need to play

Infiltration Features


Infiltration has a number of methods of movement; players can jump, swim, walk, run, or sprint. Infiltration supports crouching positions. This position slow's movement but reduce the player's profile, making the player a more difficult target. The player can control how fast they move in the game world.


Guns can either be held at waist level ("hipped") or drawn up to eye level, enabling the player to "aim" using the sights on the gun. Weapons can still be fired from the iron sight mode while running/jogging and pistols may be fired from iron sights while sprinting.

Infiltration removes the crosshair in favor of the aforementioned iron sight system. This results in a game where moving at slower, more realistic speeds allows you to aim.


Unlike other tactical FPS games such as Counter-Strike, Infiltration does not rely on a credit system to award weapons to players.

Game Modes

Infiltration features deathmatch (gaming) modes, both free-for-all and team-oriented, as well as objective-based Standoff game.

Notable is the large number of custom-made levels, which often recreate a city block, World War II base, or feature some sort of medieval or Gothic theme. Considering the engine used many are visually stunning, but do not necessarily lend themselves well to gameplay. The outdoor maps are often too big for the aging Unreal engine to render at full performance, though with advancing computer hardware this has become significantly less of an issue.

Infiltration Standoff separates players into teams of attackers and defenders. The attackers are tasked with capturing a CD and returning it to a laptop, while the defenders must stop them. This mode ideally foster's tactical, team-oriented gameplay.

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