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> Secrets (coming soon)

Image Trick (ghosting):

This is considered a cheat and is not permitted on Sniper's Paradise! Some servers may allow this image trick, to find out if this is acceptable, please read the rules of the respective server!

In maps with teleporters the so-called image trick also known as “ghosting”, works like this. As one enters the teleporter in the crouched position.
Then exits a teleporter that is not at ground level, but up in air, the image of the player falls to the ground and can be seen by other players.
However the player remains hovering in the air at the place they exited the teleporter, they can fire at other players, and the other playes see the image on the ground only to shoot at a target that can't be hit or killed.

The player using this trick can be killed if another player uses the same teleporter…
The hovering player will be telefraged!

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