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Welcome to Unreal here you will find a small close-knit community of die-hard Unreal players who have been playing for many years. As you will see when playing these players are respectable and will help you with the game, all you have to do is ask and in some cases help will be offered without asking. Take a moment to read the page I believe you will find it helpful in playing the game.

Unreal is the first game in the Unreal series and was the first 3D venture by Epic Games and Digital Extremes. The game was approved by GT Interactive in 1996 and released on May 22, 1998 to the world, however by several accounts work on the engine actually started sometime around 1994. Unreal provided a single player experience along with a multiplayer mode that allowed for up to 16 players. It was rated 'M' for Mature by the ESRB for intense violence.


Work on Unreal began in 1994 when James Schmalz, founder of Digital Extremes, showed Cliff Bleszinski a side project he had been working on. At the time, Schmalz was creating all of his own content, and programming the game all by himself. The game had not yet been fully realized, and Schmalz was creating all of his levels on paper.

A short time later, Schmalz showed what he had been working on to Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic MegaGames (later renamed to Epic Games). Tim was impressed and began working on a level editor for Schmalz to use to build his engine. As time went on, many people became involved in the process. Mark Rein was brought in to do PR, Steve Polge was hired to work on the AI. For a time, many of the people working for Epic were doing so remotely.

Originally the game was scheduled to come out in April 1997. A few months after this date slipped, pressure started mounting from GT Interactive to get the project completed. Epic moved all of its remote employees to Digital Extremes Waterloo, Toronto, Canada offices to complete the final push of the game. Roughly one year later, the game was released and its level of detail put video game publishers on notice: a new age of gaming had arrived.

Game Content

Weapons Profile

Unreal Pickups!

The Translator Pickup Profile: Translator

Use this to read info off computer consoles and foreign languages on walls.

The Amplifier Pickup Profile: Amplifier

Use this to dramatically amplify the damage of energy weapons such as the Dispersion Pistol and the ASMD Shock Rifle.

The Dampener Pickup Profile: Dampener

Deadens the sound emitted from your weapons, making it much easier to launch sneak attacks.

The Flare Pickup Profile: Flare

Use this as a temporary light source, you cant actually hold the flare for light so just toss it on the floor.

The Flash Light Pickup Profile: Flash Light

A carriable light source, although it's batteries are very quick to deplete

The Force Field Pickup Profile: Force Field

Creates a temporary impenetrable barrier. Useful for blocking entryways and narrow corridors, and for use as a protective shield.

The Invisibility Pickup Profile: Invisibility

Makes you temporarily invisible. But remember, if you start on an enemy then the invisibility is useless as they will know about where you are.

Pickup Profile: Jump Boots

Activating the boots enables you to jump much higher than normal. Once picked up, the Boots only last for a short period of time, so take advantage of them while you can.

The Scuba Gear Pickup Profile: Scuba Gear

Gives you the ability to breathe while underwater.

The Search Light Pickup Profile: Search Light

Heavy duty version of the flash light, lasts much longer and gives off more light.

The Nali Fruit Seed Pickup Profile: Nali Fruit Seed

Plant one of these to grow a Nali Healing Fruit. Once the plant grows to full size, it can give you a 29-unit health boost. If you eat the plant before it is fully grown, your health gain will be less substantial.

The Voice Box Pickup Profile: Voice Box

Creates a sound diversion to distract your enemies.

The Bandage Pickup Profile: Bandage

These provide limited healing (+5 units of health), but do little to reverse the effects of major damage.

The Health Pack Pickup Profile: Health Pack

These provide a +20 units increase to you, only up to 100 units.

The Nali Fruits Pickup Profile: Nali Fruits

This native plant has natural healing properties. When eaten, it can give you a 29-unit health boost. In multiplayer games, Nali Healing Fruits regrow soon after they are picked.

The Super Health Pickup Profile: Super Health

Boosts your health by 100 units. Don't waste Superhealth by using it when you are close to full health (200 units). Wait until you need a big health boost before you pick it up. (Note: you can not exceed 100 health without one of these.)

The Armor Pickup Profile: Armor

Armor will increase your resistance to damage from weapons and impact. Certain types of armor provide better protection from certain forms of attack. The more damage your armor absorbs the weaker it becomes.

The Asbestos Suit Pickup Profile: Asbestos Suit

Provides resistance to fire and heat damage.

The Kevlar Suit Pickup Profile: Kevlar Suit

Works in conjunction with Armor to provide even greater protection from damage.

The Anti-Toxin Suit Pickup Profile: Anti-Toxin Suit

Prevents damage from Tarydium waste pools, and other toxic areas.


[SP] Weapons are custom weapons used on the [SP] servers. Read more about the Weapons and how they work


Inventory Items can be picked up and then used during the course of the singleplayer game and a few are available in multiplayer levels. By default, use the bracket keys [ ] on your keyboard to select an item visible in your inventory icon bar. The currently selected item is bounded by a white box. Use the Enter key to activate an item. Activated items are highlighted in red. Press Enter a second time to deactivate an item.

Pickup Items are activated or put into use as soon as you pick them up. For this reason, it is often wise to leave a Pickup Item on the ground and come back to pick it up when you need to use it.


    Deathmatch is a game type, in which the point is to either reach a certain number of frags (or kills), or to highest number of frags at the time limit for the match. This game type also has a counter-part, Team Deathmatch. Deathmatch is a difficult game type, that requires a lot of training, if one is playing against other players that is. Deathmatch may be played against a mix of human or computer ('Bot') opponents.

    Team Deathmatch, or TDM, is a gametype which is exactly the same as Deathmatch except that players are on a team (usually Blue vs. Red). This concept of a team, combined with the rules of deathmatch, are the core of all other gametypes; the difference being added objectives like Capture the Flag."

    In TDM, the primary objective is to amass more frags than the opposing team. To determine the winning team, the total frags (kills minus suicides) of each player on a team are added together and compared to the other team's frags; the team with the higher fragcount wins. This method means that a single awesome player can often carry a team, or conversely if teams are fairly even, a single weak player can drag the rest down.

    Coop Game is a multiplayer gametype featured in Unreal, which can only be played online, not with bots. Coop game allows online players to make it trough the Single player campaign with their online friends. In a Coop Game, you are able to choose in which level you want the game to start, so you aren't forced to start at the first level. When a group of players play Coop Game, every player is considered as a Vortex Rikers prisoner, so everyone starts in the prison room and needs to escape the ship in order to fight in group against the monsters and bosses.

    In a Coop Game, there is always a kill limit. So if the players want to finish the level, they will always need the kill the fixed amount of monsters if they want the exit to open.

    King of the Hill starts as in Deathmatch, but the first player that scored the first kill becomes the King of the Hill. He gets a red glow around him, exactly how the Energy Amplifier looks like, and all of his weapons do double damage. All other players try to kill the King of the Hill and take the crown. The points are counted like this:

    • The first kill is an ordinary 1 frag.
    • If a player kills the King of the Hill, he gets awarded by 5 frags.
    • The King of the Hill gets an ordinary frag for killing an enemy, but as he has double damage, he can kill enemies twice as fast.
    • Other players can kill each other for ordinary frags.

    DarkMatch is an alternate version of the DeathMatch in Unreal. What makes DarkMatch unique is its maps, as they are all in darkness. The players are all equipped with SearchLights, to give players limited visibility.

    Unreal only includes one DarkMatch map, DKNightOp. All other rules are identical to Deathmatch.


    PurgeCacheDays When joining severs you may need to download some server files. These files are stored in your Unreal/cache folder and by default they are purged every 30 days. You can keep these file stored in cache and never have to download them again by going into your advanced game settings and setting your "PurgeCacheDays" to 0.

    To get to advance options using Unreal Gold, at the command prompt type "preferences" less quotes. To get to advance option using Unreal, start at the Main Menu, then choose Option, then Advanced option. Once there click on the plus next to "Advance" then the plus next to "File System", from there you can set your "PurgeCacheDays".

    Screen Flash Remove the screen flash when you get hit - Open the unreal.ini in your unreal/system folder and search for ScreenFlashes=True, change it to ScreenFlashes=False.
    Now when you get hit you don't see that annoying blue screen flash.

    Learn more on how to setup your unreal by reading Unreal FAQ.

    Game Tips

    1. Coverage: Use walls, buildings and brush as a way to not get shot. While moving around a building or wall can block shots if you are being targeted by a sniper or a wall can block a player from getting a direct hit on you. Remember some weapons can be used to shoot a wall that you maybe standing by to kill you. Cause in point, if you are standing up against a wall and defending yourself and the other player pulls out the eightball he can load up, shoot the wall near you and kill you from collateral damage.

    2.Inventory: Pick up ammo and inventory only as needed since other players use this to track your whereabouts. In other words if you don't need it don't pick it up unless you do not want another player to have it when you know you are being followed or are about to get into a fight

    3 Aiming: Sensitivity: Find a good sensitivity that is comfortable for you. Usually the people with good aim have sensitivity set so THAT THEY CAN MAKE ONE HALF TURN WITH A SLIDE OF THE MOUSE. Make sure you can make a 180 turn if your planning on using a low mouse sensitivity because if someone's behind you and you cant turn right away, then your going to die. Use your movement to dictate your shots.

    4. Anticipate your enemy's pattern- Usually in a 1v1 your enemy will take the same route over and over, or at least frequent it. So try to wait at a point you know he will cross, and catch them while there's off guard.

    5. Control armor, this will give you a huge advantage. Armor spawns every 30 seconds, so make sure to use the clock in your HUD to time your route accordingly

    6. Keep moving a target is harder to hit when moving. Don't stop to shoot the other player in a Run & Gun server. Shoot while moving.

    7. Headshots and Bodyshots- The best way to get good quick is easy... AIM FOR THE HEAD. A normal person who just spawns has 100 health, and in this case, one headshot = instant death. If you body shot the same 100 health person, then it would take 2 bodyshots for them to die. That's double the effort! Practice trying to aim only for the head, and sooner or later you should get better at it. Below are some more scenarios

    50 Armor 100 health: 1 headshot for kill
    3 bodyshots for kill

    100 Armor 100 health: 2 headshots for kill
    1 headshot, 1 bodyshot for kill
    3 bodyshots for kill

    150 Armor 100 health: 2 headshots for kill
    1 headshot, 2 bodyshots for kill
    4 bodyshots for kill

    8. Practice: Work on your shot, play bots on difficult settings and go 1 on 1 with other good players if you plan on getting better.

    Always remember it's a game, your playing to have fun. So have fun playing!

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