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If you are experiencing packetloss, lag on Unreal or on your internet in general, here is a simple test you can do to determine if your Internet Connection is what is causing the problem and also a few tips to improve your Unreal performance.

Step One:

1. Go to Start Button

2. Click Run

3. Type CMD

4. Type the following:


and then hit Enter

If you get any "Timed Out" messages you have Packetloss. Try a few other site like Yahoo or MSN instead of the Server IP and see if you get the same thing.

Press Ctrl+C to get a % of the ammount of packetloss and call your provider (ISP) with the information, demanding for it to be fixed

Step Two:

Below are instructions to make Windows, your PC, and your Game (Any Game) Less Laggy.

You must follow these Instructions Carefully otherwise you can mess up your PC.

This is for Windows XP Only.

1. Make a System Restore Point. You can do this by pressing F1 on your keyboard, on the screen you will have an option to System Restore.

2. You will need to open your Microsoft configuration window and adjust some startup settings.

Go to Start > Run. Then Type "msconfig" and Press Enter.

3. Now, you are in the MSCONFIG Screen. Go to the Startup Tab. The Startup page on MSCONFIG is for the programs that will load once you start your PC
Unclick Everything there, unless you want it to load, like your Firewall or Virus Protection.

Be very careful with this - many drivers and applications put their components on startup and by disabling them you can break their functionality. For example printer drivers put a lot of stuff there. Uncheck only things you know you dont want.

I cant stress this point enough, be very careful what you untick in there, you may have a lot of things starting up that should be left alone, some (like NAV) have a few entries, some arent that important (like the logitech mouseware) but it would mess your game up if you disabled it. If your not sure what it is, find out before you disable it, google the filename. If your still not sure, ask someone that knows.

Simple way around this... run Unreal as a high priority thread (its defaulted as Normal).

Create a batch (.bat) file in your unreal/system folder with the following line:
cmd /c start /HIGH Unreal.exe

Then make a shortcut to that on your desktop called "Unreal High".

If you run special mouse-ware, you MAY also have to make that High priority. That will give those applications priority at memory and processor time.

4. Once you've made your changes, close it out, and it will ask you to Restart your PC. Click yes to restart.

5. Ad-Aware

Here is the link:

Update the definitions and Full a FULL System Scan, and Remove anything it finds.

6. Download Spybot.

Here is the Link:

Update the definitions and Full a FULL System Scan, and Remove anything it finds.

7. Update your Video Card Drivers. This is very important! Go to the maker of your Video Card's Site and download them.

Here are the primary 2.

Nvidia Video Cards

Ati Video Cards

8. Download DirectX....The Lastest Version.

You can find it here:

9. Get Rid of Kazaa. There are alot of Spyware and Resource Hogs that come along with Kazaa and other like it.

10. Uninstall any Programs that you DONT use. This can be done in your Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel.

Go to Start Button, Go to Settings, and Then Click Control Panel.

Then go "Add or Remove Programs".

Go and REMOVE Anything that you dont want there. Un-install anything you dont know about or use.

11. Now, RUN Unreal .

Open your System Console

You can find them "System Console" by opening Unreal and hitting the tilde key to open the console. The Tilde Key ~ is located above the tab key and left to the 1/! key on most keyboards

Then, type in "netspeed 10000" and press enter.

Now go play, you should be able to play without lag, and if it still a little choopy, I would recommend lowering your Resolution and detail settings.

Step Three: OPENGL Advanced Tweaking


How to use The Optimized OpenGL Driver in Unreal.
1st - You must know how many frames you are geting now so you can compare them later when you complet instal the open gl driver. To see the frames per second you are geting now, run Unreal and start a BotMatch. Then hit console key and type TIMEDEMO 1 and you will see some data on the right side of your monitor. Write down the fps you are geting now.

2nd - See what video driver you are using by opening your advanced option window and clicking on driver. Advanced option can be accessed from your menu options for Unreal and by typing "preferences" from the command prompt for gold users.

3rd - Leave the game and open the Unreal folder. Then open the System folder. Now you must be at c:/Unreal/System and you can see there a file called opengl.dll. That file is a litle old and must be replaced. You can get the update at Old Unreal.

4th- Its now time to change the video driver you are using and choose opengl. Run Unreal go to Advanced Options - Drivers - In the GameRenderingDevice window click on the drop down arrow to see all the rendering drivers.

You have just set your driver and need to re-start Unreal, will should get higher frames per second and a smoother running game. Use the TIMEDEMO 1 command to see the frames.

5th - If you have a problem with the game being too dark, adjust the brightness level. To change the brightness in Unreal using open gl driver, you must turn off the V-Sync. You will need a software called RIVA TUNER that you can get here. After the download, unzip it to your desktop or any other place on your PC you want, open the RIva folder and run RivaTuner as seen on the picture below.

6th - After a few seconds click ok on the information message as seen above. You will get a screen like the one below. Click on the litle triangle in Driver Settings, then click on OpenGL settings.

7th - Now you must set V-Sync to ALWAYS OFF. See below.

8th - Close all windows and programs and restart Unreal. You must be using the OpenGL driver so you are able to adjust the brightness. You should be getting more frames per second with this opengl driver. If you get lower perfomance or you dont like using OpenGL you can change the driver back to your previous driver. Just go to the Unreal OPTION menu - ADVANCED OPTIONS or type PREFERENCES at the command prompt - DRIVERS and change the driver in GAME RENDERING DEVICE back to the driver you were using previously.

9th - Add FrameRateLimit=85 under [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice] to limit your FPS to your monitor refresh rate. XX is your refresh rate, for example 85. If you dont know what this means, just leave it at 85.

Step Four:

1. Install Patch 224. Trust me, its the best. I can spend all day telling you why, but I would rather not.

You can download it here:

Unreal 224 Patch

Hopefully everything went ok and you didn't mess up your system during this tweaking, if it did mess up on your tweaking then you can do a System Restore. You can restore it to your point before this tweaking.

Enjoy! And hopefully you can play Unreal Lag Free!

Thank to Baiter for writing this tweak

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