Sometimes you might find yourself trying to join a server that is passworded. Below are a few examples on how to use a password to join these servers. The first example is for Unreal 224/225f users and the second is for Unreal Gold/226f users.

First off you will need to have the password to join. In these examples let's say the server you are trying to join uses the game password of "unreal"

Unreal 224/225f

Go into player setup and add your password there. If you are the admin you can add the admin password here also.

Note: If you add your admin password this way, your password can be read by other server owners. You may want to change the password in player setup before joining other servers. You can also use the Gold/226 example below to join your server as admin, this way you do not run the risk of a server owner finding out the admin password to your server.

Player Setup Password

Unreal Gold/226f

Open your Unreal Browser and type in the open box the server IP you are trying to join followed by question mark "?" an equal sign "=" and the password.

For example if you wanted to join to Sniper's Paradise Sniper Server you would enter the following syntax in the open box

Server Browser Password

If you find that you can not join a passworded server, you may need to add the port number to the syntax. To find the port number expand your Unreal Browser until you can see the port number. Once located you will need to subtract 1 to get the correct port number to join since Unreal shows the port number of the server query on the Unreal Browser.

Sniper's Paradise Sniper Server shows the port of 7778, so you will need to use 7777 to join the server.

The following syntax would be used to join the server:


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