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Server Admin

Name: Ken
Location: LA, CA, USA
Been playing Unreal since: 1999
Favorite saying: Who Loves You Baby!!!
Favorite weapon: Assault Sniper Rifle, ASMD
Favorite map: My House, Backyard, Dittosbasement
Hobbies: Unreal
Birthday: July 16th
PC: Hand built to perfection


Location: USA
Been playing Unreal since: Forever
Favorite saying: Beautiful!
Favorite weapon: Assault Sniper Rifle
Favorite map: Backyard, Dittosbasement, Deck 16
Hobbies: Is there something other than Unreal...?
Birthday: June 17th
PC: Ummm...I have one?

Sniper Player

Location: Vancouver Canada
Been playing Unreal since: Awhile
Favorite saying: Damit!
Favorite weapon: Assault Sniper Rifle
Favorite map: Dittosbasement, Sniper bedroom, Backyard
Worst map: Deck 16
Hobbies: Unreal!
Birthday: November 23rd
PC: MCE 2005 (I built it)

Sniper Player

Location: St.Paul, Minnesota, USA, Planet earth, edge of the milky way galaxy, this universe,(also known as 'RIGHT HERE IN HELL')
Been playing Unreal since: Too long to remember
Favorite saying: Booyaa, Feel the burn!
Favorite weapon: Redeemer, enhanced shock rifle, sniper rifle
Favorite map: I don't really have 1 ...I like playing them all
Worst map: Rooftops (frustrates me)
Hobbies: Unreal (no duh) computers, engines, and things that go boom
Birthday: December 8 *I'm 18 (well 17 really but its close enough)**
PC: My hand built little joy

Sniper Player

Location: Stewartstown, Pa (a.k.a the middle of nowhere)
Been playing Unreal since: 2004
Favorite saying: WooHoo!!
Favorite weapon: assault sniper rifle
Favorite map: Brox house, ski or die
Worst map: all the rest of them
Hobbies: paintball, baseball,and unreal
Birthday: march 21, 1989
PC: Oh this piece of junk

Sniper Player

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
Been playing Unreal since: March of 2005 (played other games alot longer)
Favorite saying: OI! LIES!
Favorite weapon: Sniper Rifle, Explosives
Favorite map: Don't have one...
Hobbies: Electronics, Do we all have to say unreal? LoL, and many others...
Birthday: 11th of January 1983 (Yup, Capricorn)
PC: A box of smoke...

Sniper Player

Location: The gates of Hell
Been playing Unreal since: cant remember how long
Favorite saying: Suicide! weeeeeeee!
Favorite weapon: sniper assaualt rifle
Favorite map: backyard,kitchen warz
Hobbies: unreal, gaurding the gates of hell
Interests: helping new people on SP,playing on SP,Enforcing teh laws of hell

Sniper Player

Location: Sacramento,California.and inside my coffin in the basement
Been playing Unreal since: about 6 years i think.
Favorite saying: let the slaughter begin!
Favorite weapon: bolt action sn rifle. it adds more challenge
Favorite map: backyard,kitchen warz
Hobbies: rockclimbin,comitting insane stunts,and blowing stuff up
Internet: slow as heck.
PC: wat?this box holding my dynamite?

Sniper Player

Location: Kalamazoo MI (yes, there really is such a place)
Been playing Unreal since: Not long enough
Favorite weapon: Assault Sniper Rifle
Favorite map: Wolfin (is there any other?)
Worst map: Workshop
Hobbies: Way too many to list
Birthday: Too long ago to remember.
PC: by Bad_Dragon

Sniper Player

Name: Dustin
Been playing Unreal since: May 2005
Favorite saying: That's gotta hurt!
Favorite weapon: Assault Sniper Rifle
Favorite map: DittosBasement, Frogger, Backyard
Worst map: Dr. Suess
Hobbies: Unreal, school, and my bass
Birthday: December 2, 1989
PC: Oh this thing...? I found it at the dump.
Sniper Player

Location: Middelburg, The Netherlands, Europe
Been playing Unreal since: 1998-1999
Favorite saying: Boom!, Hehe!
Favorite weapon: ASMD, (Assault) Sniper Rifle, Aura pack (Non-SP)
Favorite map: Zeitkind U4E Tourney and the Zahltags
Worst map: Kitchen Wars
Hobbies: Unreal, My Unreal servers and website, tweaking, cyberculture.
Birthday: Unknown
PC: Self built and tweaked to perfection. Specs at

Sniper Player

Name: Da_Mansnipe
Location: On Planet Earth
Been playing Unreal since: When I Bought It
Favorite weapon: FleshBomb Rifle, NATO Rifle
Favorite map: DMEnterTheMatrix, DMEwokVillage
Worst map: DM[SP]Frogger, DMSoccerStadium
Hobbies: Baseball, Music, Unreal, Family, Fishing
Birthday: 27th of December
Favorite Person to Kill: People who are better than me =)
PC: Meh..... its Windows......

Sniper Player

Name: Mac
Location: Florida, USA
Been playing Unreal since: Always
Favorite saying: Its time to lill, or time to die
Favorite weapon: Dual Automags
Favorite map: [SP] all! ;.)
Birthday: Feb. 5th
PC:Hand built AMD!

Sniper Player

Name: Daddio
Location: Gig Harbor, Washington USA
Been playing Unreal since: 1998
Favorite saying: Dig it
Favorite weapon: Sniper Rifle, Flack Cannon
Favorite map: Wolfin
Hobbies:Workout at the Y, Ski, Bike ride, drink beer :D
Birthday: December 7
PC:Daddio perfect PC, quad core monster

Sniper Player

Name: Vlad
Location: Ramat-Gan, Israel
Been playing Unreal since: 2006
Favorite weapon: Assault Sniper Rifle, ASMD, Rifle
Favorite map: DMWinterCastle, Desk 16, Rush City Pro
Worst map: DMDeathFan
Birthday: November 5th

Sniper Player

Name: Speer
Location: Argentina
Been playing Unreal since: 1998
Favorite saying: Rock n Roll baby!
Favorite weapon: Eightball
Favorite map: MH-[SP]MrTitan
Birthday: January 12th

Sniper Player

Name: makemeunreal
Location: Alabama
Been playing Unreal since:
Favorite saying: For Dixie!
Favorite weapon: Quadshot
Favorite map: Unknown
Hobbies:Unreal, Veterinary Science
Birthday: Unknown
PC: Unknown

Sniper Player

Name: Pichu
Location: D.F , Mexico City
Been playing Unreal since: 1999
Favorite saying: Lol, Yeah!!
Favorite weapon: Redeemer. Eightball
Favorite map: Portal, Deck16
Birthday: January 17th

Sniper Player

Name: Ponji
Location: Michigan
Been playing Unreal since: 1999
Favorite saying:
Favorite weapon: Sniper Rifle
Favorite map:

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