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S3TC Textures


What are S3TC textures?

S3TC textures are alternative high resolution textures that can be found on CD2 of the GOTY edition of UT. They were originally developed to exploit the capability of S3 cards of the time to handle a new compressed format that has little impact on performance. More S3TC textures can be found on UT Texture.

Why should I use them?

Unreal227/UnrealGold/Anthology/UT can be tweaked to obtain some increase in graphical quality. However, the textures themselves stay unaltered and may seem blurry by today's standards. The s3tc textures offer more detail and replace some of the textures to create an enhanced picture.

What are the downsides?

There are a few downsides to using these:

How do I install S3TC textures on my version of Unreal

Read this entire document first before installing.

This works best using a new installation of UT that has been patched to 436. This document explains how to successfully use the S3TC high resolution textures that come on UT CD #2 whether you have already installed the UT CD #2 or not. These instructions are for "player/client side" installations only and NOT for server-side use! Be aware that some Anti-Cheat programs may not allow you to connect to the server if you use S3TC textures.

How do I ifix the sliding player/bot issue?

You've installed the high resolution S3TC textures from the UT CD #2 and went online to play and noticed that the other players and bots move without any animation. They look like frozen players sliding around like they were ice skating statues sliding on one foot while there head was looking down the whole time. When a bot or player was fragged, a frozen image of them stayed where they died but was standing up and no longer moved or took damage. This confused you since you attack them thinking they were players that are standing still, but no damage happens and they never fall down or fade away.

This document explains how to install the high resolution S3TC textures and fix it so that the frozen skating player/bot syndrome doesn't happen. Unfortunately, if this doesn't work then you will most likely need to reinstall UT.

Insert your UT CD #1 and select cancel if it tries to install. Open UT CD #1 and copy the folder called "Textures" over your current copy of the Textures folder in your UnrealTournament folder. Now follow the directions on installing Unreal Tournament .

How do I properly set up a server to use these ?

Never install the S3TC textures when running a server. Servers should have the standard textures installed. If you install the S3TC textures and run a server it will cause problems. The server will run smoother for clients with the standard textures that came with the game installed.

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