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How to set a reload key for Serpentine

There are a few ways to do this, through the Advanced Options or by editing the Unreal\System\User.ini., it doesn't matter on how you do it, you will acheive the same result. In any case, the resulting keybind is saved to the Unreal\System\User.ini. Open the file user.ini in your unreal\system folder. Use notepad or similar to edit the file. DO NOT use Word etc.

1. From the Console

    Join the Serpentine game.

    Open the Unreal console or use the tab key to type the following command.

    Set input <key> <command>

    For example to bind the R key button to reload:

    Set input r button bextra3

    This example sets the "R" button to reload any of the Serpentine weapons. All you need to do is press the "R" key to reload the gun. You can use any key you like to reload just substitute the "R" key with any other key of your choice. The key is binded permanently.

2. From the Advanced Options

    Open the Advance Option menu and expand the [Advanced] [Raw Key Bindings] view.

    Look for the key you want and put your command in the assigned slot.

    Once you find the key you want to bind for reloading, add the following code to the empty slot

    button bextra3

    Close the Advance Option.

3. From the USER.INI

    Open your Unreal\System\User.ini and look for the [Engine.Input] section. In that section you find the aliases. Look for the key you want to use, once you’ve found it, put in your command, save and close the file then restart Unreal.

    Example: R= button bextra3

Failure to set your reload key or if you do not reload your weapon when the clip is empty will result in you not being able to fire your gun.

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