Sniper's Paradise-SPWeaponSwap

This mod lets you swap the default Unreal weapons for your own modded guns or weapons you downloaded from other servers.

After downloading SPWeaponSwap, open the zip file and copy all files to C:/Unreal/system folder.

Add SPWeaponSwap to your unreal.ini server packages.


You will also need to add to your sever packages all the new weapons you want to use for replacement. The example below uses the Assault_G11, M4Rifle, AssaultTommyGun, BatWing, uzi, Assault_Dicer, TitanGun, SPRUSHRifle and SuperShockRifle.


Once you have completed adding all the new weapons to your server packages edit the SPWeaponSwap.ini so you replace the modded weapon with the Unreal weapon you would like to swap. View sample spweaponswap.ini here

As you can see all the weapons replaced have been added to the serverpackages and the weapon you will start off with when you spawn is the Assault _G11

Run the mutator using the command below. Let's say you wanted to start a game using DMAriza as the map, you would use this enter the command this way.

Switchlevel DMAriza.unr?mutator=SPWeaponSwap.WeaponSwap

This would start the game replacing the unreal default weapons with the weapons you listed in the SPWeaponSwap.ini

There is also another mutator option you can use, using the same map as above, start the game with this command.

Switchlevel DMAriza.unr?mutator=SPWeaponSwap.WeapSwap

If your not familiar of not experienced running a server then I would start off trying the weapon swap mutator using only a couple of modded guns then check to see if Unreal runs using the mutator. If the servers runs and the weapons are swapped then you can add a few more weapons, testing once more. Do this until you have all the weapons you want to swap working.

If you have any isses with starting your game, you can look in your Unreal/System folder and find the Unreal log or the Sever log to see why the game will not start. Read the log and you can see the error you are having with starting the game, from there you should be able to fix it.

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