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Why should I patch my steam game to 227?

By default, Unreal Gold has problems connecting to servers as well as running mods and maps. A group of modders have released an unoffical patch (with Epic's approval) called 227 that fixes these problems along with other bugs. Basically, it allows you to get onto any Unreal server you want and makes nearly every mod and map map in Unreal 1's history playable without any problem. It also has a new editor that is much more stable than the original editor.

How to patch Unreal Gold to the latest unofficial version of 227

This guide will show you how to patch Unreal Gold to the latest unofficial version which allows you to play on any Unreal server out there.

Where do I download the patch?

You can download the patch here by selecting the current version of the UnrealGold patch

Installing the patch

After downloading the patch, unzip it, then click on the .exe included. Select your language, then click on "next".

Now, you'll have to specify where to install the patch. The default folder shown in the installation program is NOT where Unreal Gold is usually installed (unless you've put it there yourself). You'll have to find where you installed your Steam copy, then copy its location and paste it into the installation program.

Here's how to find where Unreal Gold is installed by default.

1. Go to your C drive.
2. Click on Program Files (X86) (or Program Files if you don't have Program Files (x86)).
3. Look for the "Steam" folder and click on it.
4. Click on the "steamapps" folder.
5. Find the "common" folder, then open it.
6. When you're in the "common folder", look for the "unreal gold" folder and click on it.

This is what you should be seeing if you followed the steps correctly:

If you installed Unreal somewhere else, ignore the steps above an go to the folder where you installed Unreal to complete the installation. Once you found your Unreal Gold folder, you'll need it's filepath to put into the installer.

To find the path, look for it in your file browser window:

When you've found it, click to the right of "Unreal Gold" and you'll see it change into this:

Now, copy the entire path in the file browser and go back to the 227 install window. Delete the default installation path and paste the file path you just copied into the installer.

Hit "next" to install the patch and your done.

To test the patch out, fire up Unreal, open your Unreal browser, select a server and join it. Once you've downloaded all the files needed to join the server you will spawn in the server to begin game play!

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