Unreal Console Command/Key Binding List


Main Commands

Description Command Comments
Quit Exit  
Load a game Loadgame <slot> Ex:   >Loadgame 3
Quick Load Quickload  
Save a game Savegame <slot> Ex:   >Savegame 3
Quick Save Quicksave  
Show the Menu Showmenu  
Open Preferences Preferences  
Regenerate Picture Flush Use this if you start getting excess garbage on your screen
Increase Picture Size ViewUp  
Decrease Picture Size ViewDown  
Toggle Full Screen Togglefullscreen  
End Full Screen Endfullscreen  
Cycle HUD Displays Changehud  
Cycle Brightness Brightness  
Set "Field of View" FOV <angle> Ex:   >FOV 90     (10=Zoom, 90=Normal, 180=Fisheye)
Better "Field of View" Setdesiredfov <angle> Ex:   >Setdesiredfov 90    (zooms in alot further than regular FOV, but uses the same values)
Take a picture Shot Saves a pict in your root Unreal folder
Change Music Track Musicorder <number> Ex:   >Musicorder 1     (0=ambient, 1=action, 2=suspense)
Play CD Track CDTrack <number> Ex:   >CDTrack 3     (Can be any CD)
Set Rendering Mode Rmode <number> Ex:   >Rmode 3     (1 through 9)  5 is default, 6 looks good
Set a key Set Input <key> <command> Ex:   >Set Input Shift AltFire
Bind a key command <command> | <command> Ex:   >Set Input Space AltFire | Say Eat this!!!
Show a key binding Keybinding <key> Ex:   >Keybinding Space

Map Commands

>Description Command Comments
Open a map Open <mapname> Ex:   >Open DMHealpod Tip
Restart Level Restartlevel  
Cancel "Open" command Cancel Cancels an open command in progress
Castle Flyby Open Unreal Default Startup Map of Nali Castle
Jail Cell Open Entry Multiplayer "Loading" Map
Spaceship Open Gateway Multiplayer Starting Map

Character Controls

Description Command Comments
Forward MoveForward   Info
Backward MoveBackward  
Turn Left TurnLeft  
Turn Right TurnRight  
Strafe Left StrafeLeft  
Strafe Right StrafeRight  
Jump Jump  
Duck Duck  
Walk Walk  
Primary Fire Fire  
Secondary Fire AltFire  
Next Weapon NextWeapon  
Previous Weapon PrevWeapon  
Switch to a weapon SwitchWeapon <number> Ex:   >SwitchWeapon 3
Turn off auto-switching on pickup for a weapon Neverswitchonpickup<number> Ex:   >Neverswitchonpickup3
Now, when you pickup that weapon, it won't switch to it
Inventory Acitivate InventoryActivate Activates the currently selected item
Inventory Next InventoryNext  
Inventory Previous InventoryPrevious  
Inventory Auto-activate Activateinventoryitem <item> Ex:   >Activateinventoryitem Flare
Activates/deactivates item, whether it's selected or not

*Note:  These are mainly for use in Key bindings

Deathmatch Controls

Description Command Comments
Speak Say <something> Ex:   >Say Eat This!!!
Show the Score Showscores  
Play Dead Feigndeath Makes you lie face down in the dirt
Throw Weapon Throwweapon  
Taunt Taunt Taunt1 Different for each class of player
Victory Taunt Taunt Victory1
Wave Taunt Wave
Suicide Suicide Causes you to "have a heart attack" Tip
View a certain player Viewplayer <name> Ex:   >Viewplayer Sonja     Gives you a first person view of that players, only if you are a spectator
View a player of a certain class Viewclass <class> <number> Ex:   >Viewclass Maleone 3     This gives you the view of the third Male One class player (if you're a spectator).  Use the class Bots for a botmatch.
Set Team Name Setteam <name> Ex:   >Setteam Blue
Set Your Name Setname <name> Ex:   >Setname Joe
Go to New Level Switchlevel <map> Ex:   >Switchlevel Dmariza     Switches to new level on a server or locally.  Also works for URLs.
Go to Co-op Level Switchcooplevel <map> Switches to new level with co-op weapons

Character Cheats

Description Command Comments
God mode God  
Invisibility Invisible 1  
Restore Visibility Invisible 0  
Underwater Ability Amphibious Dramatically increases the amount of time you can spend underwater
Fly Fly  
Ghost mode Ghost Flying AND ability to go through walls Tip
Cancel Fly and Ghost Walk Make sure you are not stuck in or way above the ground when using this
Behind View Behindview 1 For those Tomb Raider fans...
Normal View Behindview 0  
Set Jump Height Setjumpz <number> Ex:   >Setjumpz 1000     Can't find a limit for the height, but 325 is normal for a human and 360 is normal for a Skaarj Trooper Tip
Set Running Speed Setspeed <number> Ex:   >Setspeed 50     Can't find a limit for the speed, but 1 is normal.  Be sure to note that you still have to accelarate to this speed - you don't instantly start that fast

Botmatch Cheats

Description Command Comments
Freeze Game Playersonly Good for taking screeshots Tip1 Tip2
Set Game Speed Slomo <number> Ex:   >Slomo 0.5     (1.0 is normal)
Kill All Monsters Killpawns  
Kill off a Class of Monsters Killall <monsterclass> Ex:   >Killall Slith
Add more Bots Addbots <number> Ex:   >Addbots 3
Hide Actors Hideactors Hides all Monsters and Players
Show Actors Showactors Shows all Monsters and Players
Summon a Specific Bot Summon Maleonebot They behave like a bot, but can die just like any other creature.
Summon Maletwobot
Summon Malethreebot
Summon Femaleonebot
Summon Femaletwobot
Summon Skaarjplayerbot

Weapon Cheats

Description Command Comments
All Ammo Allammo Only gives ammo of the weapons that you have
Dispersion Pistol Summon Dispersionpistol   Tip
Pistol Power Up Summon Weaponpowerup Can be used up to four times
AutoMag Summon Automag Weapon
Clip Summon Clip Ammo for the AutoMag and the MiniGun
Stinger Summon Stinger  
40 Tarydium Shards Summon Stingerammo Ammo for the Stinger
ASMD Summon Asmd   Tip
ASMD Core Summon Asmdammo Ammo for the ASMD
8-Ball Launcher Summon Eightball  
12 Eightballs Summon RocketCan Ammo for the 8-Ball Launcher
Flak Cannon Summon Flakcannon  
10 Flak Shells Summon Flakbox Ammo for the Flak Cannon
RazorJack Summon Razorjack  
Razor Blades Summon Razorammo Ammo for the RazorJack
GESBioRifle Summon Gesbiorifle  
25 Kilos of Tarydium Sludge Summon Sludge Ammo for the GESBioRifle
Assault Rifle Summon Rifle  
1 Rifle Round Summon Rifleround Useless; just do the 8 round Rifle Ammo summon
8 Rifle Rounds Summon Rifleammo Ammo for the Assault Rifle
MiniGun Summon Minigun  
50 Bullets Summon Shellbox Ammo for the AutoMag and the MiniGun
Single Rocket Summon Rocket Automatically fires when summoned, from the 8-Ball Launcher Tip
Single Grenade Summon Grenade
Single Flak Shell Summon Flakshell Automatically fires when summoned, from the Flak Cannon
Single Razor Blade Summon Razorblade Automatically fires when summoned, from the RazorJack
A Skaarj Energy Projectile Summon Skaarjprojectile The same fireballs you dodge all throughout the game

Item Cheats

Description Command Comments
Summon an item Summon <item> Ex:   >Summon Flashlight
Universal Translator Summon Translator Provides translations and tips throughout the game - you'll only need this if you didn't start on level one.
Amplifier Summon Amplifier Dramatically increases the power of the Dipersion pistol and ASMD Tip
Dampener Summon Dampener Like a silencer, allowing you to more easily execute sneak attacks 
Flare Summon Flare Stationary lighting
Flashlight Summon Flashlight Searchlight has longer battery
Force Field Summon Forcefield Good for blocking entryways and small corridors
Invisibility Summon Invisibility Only temporary
Jump Boots Summon Jumpboots Only last for a short period of time 
Scuba Gear Summon Scubagear Allows for a fair amount of underwater breathing time
Searchlight Summon Searchlight Nearly inexaustable power supply 
Voice Box Summon Voicebox Creates a sound diversion to distract enemies
Bandages Summon Bandages +5 Health
Health Pack Summon Health +20 Health
Nali Fruit Seeds Summon Seeds Portable version of the fruit
Nali Healing Fruit Summon Nalifruit Once fully grown, provides +29 Health
Superhealth Summon Superhealth +100 Health
Armor Summon Armor Resistance to general damage
Asbestos Suit Summon Asbestossuit Resistance to fire and heat
Kevlar Suit Summon Kevlarsuit Additional resistance to general damage
Anti-Toxin Suit Summon Toxinsuit Prevents damage from toxic waste pools and other areas
Shieldbelt Summon Shieldbelt Similar to armor, but it prevents damage, instead of minimizing it (100 power)
PowerShield Summon Powershield Like a shieldbelt, but with 200 power and it counts down like a timer

Creature Summons

Description Command Comments
Giant Fly Summon Fly  
Pupae Summon Pupae Kind of like an oversized bug
Squid Summon Squid Aquatic Creatures - Only hostile underwater
Devilfish Summon Devilfish
Tentacle Summon Tentacle Basically a living vine that shoots darts at you
Manta Summon Manta Flying, attacking creatures
Cave Manta Summon Cavemanta
Giant Manta Summon Giantmanta
Gasbag Summon Gasbag Giant floating heads with arms
Giant Gasbag Summon Giantgasbag
Skaarj Assassin Summon Skaarjassassin They all look the same, but have different behaviors
Skaarj Berserker Summon Skaarjberserker
Skaarj Gunner Summon Skaarjgunner
Skaarj Infantry Summon Skaarjwarrior
Skaarj Lord Summon Skaarjlord
Skaarj Officer Summon Skaarjofficer
Skaarj Scout Summon Skaarjscout
Skaarj Sniper Summon Skaarjsniper
Skaarj Warrior Summon Skaarjwarrior The "Typical" Skaarj
Skaarj Trooper Summon Skaarjtrooper Like the ones in a multiplayer game
Ice Skaarj Summon Iceskaarj Has that cool ice-blue look
Slith Summon Slith  
Mercenary Summon Mercenary  
Mercenary Elite Summon Mercenaryelite  
Krall Summon Krall  
Krall Elite Summon Krallelite  
Legless Krall Summon Leglesskrall Well, what can I say?  Pretty funny, though
Brute Summon Brute  
Lesser Brute Summon Lesserbrute  
Warlord Summon Warlord  
Queen Summon Queen Make sure you're in "Ghost" mode, or she'll crush you ("God" mode won't help for some reason)
Titan Summon Titan  
Stone Titan Summon Stonetitan  
Nali Summon Nali Non-hostile, helpful throughout the game
Crucified Nali Summon Crucifiednali Just like the normal nali, but is fixed in one position
"Cow" Summon Cow Hardly a "cow", but interesting to watch   (Non-hostile)
Baby "Cow" Summon Babycow Ohhh, it's so cute!   (Non-hostile)
Rabbit Summon Nalirabbit Similar to the Baby Cow   (Non-hostile)
Bird Summon Bird1 Note:  There is no Bird2


Description Command Comments
Mannequins Summon Maleone They basically just stand there until you kill them
Summon Maletwo
Summon Malethree
Summon Femaleone
Summon Femaletwo
Summon Skaarjplayer
Carcasses Summon <creature>carcass Ex:   >Summon Krallcarcass
Works for basic creatures and bots
Energy Burst Summon Energyburst Don't seem to do any damage, but it could have other useful purposes...
Splash Summon Splash
Tarydium Barrel Summon Tarydiumbarrel Exploding barrels;  can cause damage if you're standing to close
Sludge Barrel Summon Sludgebarrel
Chest Summon Chest Destroyable, and contains a Flak Cannon on the inside
Wooden Barrel Summon Barrel Typical, destroyable scenery
Vase Summon Vase
Table Summon Table
Chair Summon Chair
Wooden Box Summon Woodenbox
Book Summon Book Typical, indestructable scenery
Steel Box Summon Steelbox
Nali Statue Summon Nalistatue
Quadshotgun Summon Quadshot You can pick it up (weapon #3), but it won't fire and it blocks your vision
15 Shells Summon Shells Neat object, but can't figure out what gun it's for
Cannon Summon Cannon Scenery only, you can't pick it up or use it
Huge Cannon Summon Hugecannon
The Escape Pod Summon Escapepod
A Moon Summon Moon Appears right on top of you, so you'll have to step back to see it

  • If you are having problems with things on this list, or are wondering about something, check the Console/Key Binding Tutorial and FAQ Page.
  • Credits:
    Ryan Gosewehr
    Olivier Scherler

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