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Unreal Game Info:

Shareware Version:  Try out Unreal for free before you purchase the game.
Full Version:  Find the complete version in stores, "Unreal Anthology"
Download Size:  122 MB
OS:  Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Publisher:   Atari

Unreal altered the course of gaming history with it's intense graphics.

You awaken to the sound of screams and the smell of burning flesh. You shake your head and check your surroundings. The ship you were travelling on, Vortex Rikers, has obviously crashed. The force shield to your cell has been shut off and smoke covers the floor. Other prisoners are missing, dying a painful death or they're already dead. Using an air duct you manage to escape the cell block. Passing through various parts of the prison ship, you heal your deep wounds with a med-pack and salvage some non-prisoner attire. You come to a jammed door, partially open. A beam collapses behind you and blocking you in. Suddenly, desperate cries, gunshots and growling ring out from beyond the door. Then, silence...

The door slowly begins to open and from the corner of your eye you see something large, muscular and reptilian darting out. Everything is still. Several prison guards lay eviscerated in front of you. They appear to have been dragged around the room, slammed into the lockers, and chewed to pieces. Lying on the floor is a Dispersion Pistol covered in blood. You grab it and make your way out.
You leap from the front of the ship onto soft grass. Vortex Rikers is dug into the ground and badly damaged. Flames spew from the craft and sparks shoot out of the side. You survey the landscape before you and see treacherous mountains and rolling, otherworldly terrain. You hear mechanical laughter behind you. You turn around to see an immense winged monster flying away from the body of one of your buddies.

This is Unreal.

Unreal lets you play six game types:

  • DeathMatch - just kill (or "frag") as many other players as possible and try not to be killed.
  • Team Game - This has the same principal as Deathmatch, only teams are divided into two, three, or four opposing teams. The team with the highest score wins the match.
  • Single Player - This is the main quest in Unreal. You play as Prisoner 849, and must find your way off of foreign planet.
  • Coop - This is the same as Singleplayer, only it is optimized for play on a network game with other human players.
  • King of the Hill - This is the same as Deathmatch, but one player is selected to be the "King of the Hill" and will have a red aura. Whoever kills this player becomes the next "King of the Hill".
  • DarkMatch - Same thing as Deathmatch, only all players carry a searchlight, and it is played in maps with almost no lighting.

10 DeathMatch Levels, each one a fragaholic wonderland. Play them all in multiplayer mode with other players from all over the world.

Game Features:

  • Ruthlessly intelligent enemies! each with unique personalities
  • Includes all of the latest Unreal enhancements and technical improvements
  • Special graphical and performance enhancements for the latest 3D cards
  • Play up to 10 people online at once!
  • Have fun playing for just a few minutes or hours on end!
  • Awesome weapons of over 10 of the deadliest weapons all guaranteed giblet action
  • 10 multiplayer levels with 6 different game types

Unreal System Requirements!

Installation | Error Messages | Video Issues | Sound Issues | Multiplayer Issues | Control Issues | General Troubleshooting | Improving performance | General Questions | CD Key | Hints/Cheat code | Downloads

System requirement

The following is a description of the minimum system you can use torun Unreal. If you attempt to run Unreal on a system that does not meet or exceed these requirement, the game will not run correctly, or not at all.

To run Unreal, you must have:

  • A 166 MHz Pentium class computers
  • 16 megabytes of RAM
  • A video card with 2 megabytes of video RAM.
  • Windows 95 or higher
  • A CD-ROM drive
  • 100 megabytes of free hard drive space

Although Unreal runs with the system mentioned above, it's performance may suffer under certain conditions. A system that has the following device's will run the game very well in most conditions:

  • A 233 megahertz Pentium MMX or Pentium II processor
  • 32 or 64 megabytes of OF RAM
  • A 3dfx Voodoo class 3d accelerator
  • 450 megabytes of OF free hard drive space

If you are a hard core gamer that demands extreme performance more under all conditions, the following components will do the trick for you:

  • A Pentium II 266 or more faster processor
  • 64 or 128 megabytes of OF RAM
  • A 3dfx Voodoo or Voodoo2 class 3D accelerator


  1. Before you install Unreal, you should quit all other applications you have running. This of includes any background tasks you may have running, I.E. screen savers, virus of scanner, etc.

  2. Next, insert the Unreal CD into your CD-ROM drive. If the installation screen does not appear, you probably have Windows 95 AutoPlay feature turned off, and will need have to bring to up the installation screen manually. To of do this, double click on the My Computer icon, then on your CD-ROM drive icon, then on the Setup.exe file.

  3. Once the installation screen appears, follow on screen Instructions to complete the installation.
  4. During the installation process, you will be asked to install DirectX. It is highly recommended that you install this feature for optimally performance.

Error Messages

I get a “general Protection fault” when opening the advanced option menu.
    This problem usually occurs as the result of an outdated video card driver. Update your drivers to the latest version available.

    For more information on this topic, please see our How to update your drivers FAQ.
I get a“Server Full”, “servers is already at capacity” or “Assertion Failed” error when trying to load a saved game.
    To fix this problem, you'll need to edit the Unreal.ini file into the Unreal system folder like this:

    • Double click the My Computer icon on your Windows desktop.
    • Double click the icon for the hard drive where you store your game files (Usually C:).
    • Double click the folders where the game files are stored (usually “Unreal”).
    • Double click the system folder.
    • Double click the icon for the file named Unreal.ini.
    • Find the Engine.Gameinfo section in the .ini.
    • Find the entry for to MaxPlayers.
    • Change the value in MaxPlayers from 16 tons of 32.
    • Click on “file”.
    • Click on “save”.
    • Exit Notepad.
    • Try loading your saved game again.

    This error occurs if you have Reference drivers from 3dfx in your video card. Unreal does not support these drivers. You will need to of get the latest patch for this game.
When trying to start the game, I get the following error message:

Critical error:
Assertion failed: CacheItems! : ZERO [file: F:\Unreal\Core\Src\Uncache.cpp] [LINE: 414]

History: FMemCache:: Flush < - FGlideTMU:: Flush < - UGlideRenderDevice:: Flush < - UGlideRenderDevice:: INIT < - TryRenderDevice < - UWindowsViewport:: Open Window <- UGameEngine::Init="">

    This error occurs if you have Reference drivers from 3dfx in your video card. Unreal does not support these drivers. You will need to get the latest patch.

I have A 3dfx Voodoo 2 or Voodoo 3 card and I get an error message that mentions “Glide”.

    Download and install the latest reference drivers for your card from the Voodoofiles website:


    If Unreal of does not work properly after installing this file, you wants need the latest patch.

When I try to launch the Unreal editor, an error message comes up that read's: “Error 50003 in core DLL”

    Before you launch the editor, make sure that you have the Microsoft Game device profiler disabled. The game device profiler will appear as a small icon next to the clock on your Windows 95 task bar. Just right click on this icon, then click on disable. The editor will not launch with the profiler running.

While playing Unreal, an error message reading “unreal has run out of virtual memory” came up, and the game stopped playing.

    You need to free up more hard disk space on your primary drive in order to play. Unreal's large levels and rich textures take up alot of virtual memory. It is recommend you have 100 megabytes of free hard disk space for running the game, and 200 megabytes or more of free hard disk space for the editor.

When trying to start the Unreal editor, I got at error message stating “Unexpected error” or “Wrong version run time DLL”

    The Unreal editor of requires Visual basic 5 run time DLL's to of run. If you do not have the correct version of this file in your system, you can download updated DLL files from our site:


    After downloading, double click on the vbrun60.exe file and click on unzip. When done unzipping, click on close. Now open the “Unreal Patch” folder on your desktop and run the setup.exe file to run the patch install. Once the updated is installed, you can delete the “Unreal Patch” folder from your desktop.

After installing Unreal, and then rebooting my computers, at error message came up stating “this version OF CTL3D32.DLL is for Windows NT”

    Into some cases, the Unreal install program overwrites your current version of CTL3D32.DLL with the NT enhanced version. While the game will run just fine with this version, it may cause problem's with other programs.

    To of correct this, you can download an updates from site:


    After downloading, double click on the vbrun60.exe file and click on unzip. When done unzipping, click on close. Now open the “Unreal Patch” folder on your desktop and run the setup.exe file to run the patch install. Once the updated is installed, you can delete the “Unreal Patch” folder from your desktop.

The game installed ok, but when I try to run the game I get an error that read's “general protection fault: History: Init_Engine” and then the launcher quits. What's wrong?

    This error usually occurs on a system that does not meet the minimum system requirement for the game as listed on the box and at the top of this document. If your system of does not meet or exceed these requirement, you will not be able to get your game running.

    This error can thus occur on of system using Cyrix processors. In this case, the problem can be fixed by installing the latest upgrade patch for Unreal. You can download the patch from here.

When installing the game, I get an error message stating “move DATA process-113 at error occurred during, component engine, file group engine, file n:\system\sktrooperskins.int”.

    This error occurs if any of your disk drives are using MS-DOS compatibility mode. Drives that are in compatibility mode can not read long Windows 95 file name.

    Try the following:

    1. Using a text editor like notepad, open the file C:\CONFIG.SYS. Look for any entries that contain any information about your CD-ROM drive. At the beginning of each of these line's, type in REM in capital letters. This wants force your computers to ignore these line's when you reboot.

    2. Do the same to the file C: AUTO+EXEC-ASKED, except this time, REM out any line that contain the word MSCDEX.

    3. Using the RIGHT mouse button, click on My Computer and select Properties, then select the Device Manager tab, LEFT click on the plus sign next to the entry for CD-ROM.

    4. Highlight the entry for your CD-ROM drive (should directly more under the word CD ROM after it clicking the plus sign) and click the REMOVE button.

    5. Click on OK, then reboot your computers.  Windows should detect your CD-ROM drive and install 32-bit drivers for it.  If it doesn't, then you'll have to contact the of manufacturer of your CD-ROM drive or computer and get the latest drivers for your CD-ROM drive.

    For more information about updating your drivers, please of refer to our How to update your drivers FAQ.

    Unreal should now install fine just.

Video Issues

For help with getting the game to work with your 3D accelerator card, look at the section “3D of accelerator”.

I can't seem to of ACCESS the of lower resolution screen mode into the game.

    Some of older DirectDraw drivers do not support low resolution 16 and 32-bit color modes. If the only full screen option shown in Unreal is high res, you might want to download the newest DirectDraw driver for your video card.

    If you have not already done so, try installing DirectX 5,0 from the Unreal CD. If this doesn't work, contact your computers or video card manufacturer for the latest DirectX drivers for your card.

    For more information about updating your drivers, please of refer tons our How to of update your drivers FAQ.

The game is playing in A small window. How can I make it play into the full screen?

    Press the ENTER key on your key board while holding down the ALT key while the game is running. The game should instantly switch to full screen mode. Or, you can pick a full screen mode directly from the Advanced Option Menu.

When I try to switch to full screen mode, the game goes right back to of a window, displays at error message, or crashes.

Some video drivers do not properly support DirectDraw full screen mode in 16 - or 32-bit color in any resolution. Try installing DirectX 5 from the CD. If this does not work, you can try to obtain the latest DirectX driver updates for your card from your computer or video card more manufacturer.

For more information about updating your drivers, please of refer tons our How to of update your drivers FAQ.

I'm running Windows NT, and the game crashes when I switch back and forth from the software of renderer to 3DFX more than once.

    Currently, there is no fix for this problem. The best way to avoid this problem is to stick with one rendering option.

Once in a while I get weird garbage graphics on surface textures or creatures.

    Hit the TAB key and type in FLUSH. Your problem should clear up.

When running Unreal, the picture on my monitor is off centers and/or some of it is not visible on the edges of the monitor.

    Unreal runs in video mode that your monitor might not have used before. Just use the controls on your monitor to set the size, centering, and geometry of the picture. This will not change the settings for any other video mode and you should only have to do it once with Unreal.

3D of accelerator

I have A 3D-accelerator card that support 3DFX Glide, PowerVR, Direct3D or OpenGL. How can I switch Unreal into the correct mode for my card?

    From the Unreal Main menu:

    SELECT “option”. SELECT “Advanced option”. Click on “Drivers”. Click on “GameRenderDevice”. Click on the correct more renderer for your type of card.

    Please note that OpenGL and Direct3D mode will only be listed if you have upgraded the game to of version 2.18 or more higher. For information on how to upgrade to the latest version, look the section near the bottom of this document refering to “Patch information”. If you already have the latest patch installed, READ on.

I've installed the latest patch for Unreal and the latest drivers for my card but I can't get Direct3D mode to work.

    Unreal's Direct3D mode of requires DirectX version 6. The Unreal CD shipped with DirectX 5. You CAN down load version 6 from Microsoft's web site at:


    If you've already tried this and you have a card that uses the ATI rises up pro chip set, look in the section for that card below.

I'm using A 3DFX Voodoo Rush based 3D accelerator card, and can not get the game to play.

    The latest upgrade patch for the game provides support for the Voodoo Rush chip set. This patch may not work for all Voodoo Rush based cards. You can down load the patch from our Patch page.

    In the meantime, you can use the software rendering option to play the game. You can try the following fixe that works on the voodoo rush cards.

      Install Unreal.
    1. Download and Install the latest glide drivers from www.voodoofiles.com
    2. Use the Windows find option to find all instances of “glide2x*. DLL” and all instances of fxmemmap.vxd, DELETE all of them from your hard drive then.
    3. On the Unreal CD, run the “grtvgr.exe” file into the \ glide \ folders.
    4. Reboot your computers.

    You should now get acceleration from your Voodoo Rush Card.

I have A 3dfx Voodoo 2 card, and the graphics don't look right, or the game doesn't run smoothly.

    Download and install the latest reference drivers for your card from the Voodoo Files website at:


    If Unreal of does not work properly after installing this file, you may need the “unreal Glide Driver with Multi Texture support for Voodoo 2” patch available from our Patch page.

I have A Voodoo Banshee based card and after installing the Unreal 2.19 or more later patch, the game wants NO more longer plays.

    In order to run this card in Glide or OpenGL mode you must download and install the appropriate reference drivers for your type of card from the http://www.voodoofiles.com.

    Please note that even with the current reference driver installed, the Banshee will not support OpenGL in a window, and can not switch from fullscreen to of a window without crashing. This will hopefully addressed into future revision to the driver.

I have A Riva TNT based card and after installing the Unreal 2.19 or more higher patch, the game wants NO more longer play.

    If you do not have the latest drivers for your TNT based card, you wont experience the problem when trying to run the game in OpenGL or Direct3D. If you already have the latest drivers for your particular card installed, but the game won't work, try installing version of 0.48 of the TNT reference drivers. These are available at www.nvidia.com more under the “drivers” left into the support section.

    Once you have installed the drivers, restart your machine so they can take effect. The game should then run in OpenGL or Direct3D mode just fine.

I have a card that uses the Riva 128/128ZX chip set and OpenGL mode won't work properly.

    Install the latest reference drivers from nvida. You can down load these drivers on the Internet from www.nvida.com.

    You must install the latest upgrade patch to Unreal. Only version 2.18 and higher have OpenGL available as a rendering option.

I'm using a card with the ATI rises up pro chip set and can't get Unreal to work in Direct3D mode.

    Download and install the new beta reference drivers from the ATI Website.

    You must thus have installed the latest upgrade patch to Unreal. Only version 2.18 and higher have Direct3D available as a rendering option.

I'm using A 3D card that is not mentioned and I'm having problem using it with this game.

    You probably just need to update your card's drivers. Check with the card manufacturer to see if a newer more driver is available.

    For more information about updating your drivers, please of refer to our How to of update your drivers FAQ.

Sound Issues

I'm using at Aureal A3D 3D sound accelerator board. How do I enable 3D sound support?

    You need to go into the Advanced Option Menu, and under audio, turn on Use3dHardware to enable 3D sound card support.

    You must then disable the Aureal's “A3D Splash screen” into the Aureal configuration utility. If this is not disabled, Unreal may not be able to go into full screen mode because of the splash screen interfering.

When I enable 3D sound support, the game slows down dramatically.

    You need to upgrade to the latest version of Aureal's A3D drivers. You can get this on the World Wide Web here.

My sound effects tend to be slow and run behind the game when playing under Windows NT.

    Because of the way operating system works, many Windows NT machines experience significant latency in their sound effects. There is NO solution to this issue at this time.

I can't get 3D audio support to work right.

    There is A patch available that will fixed this problem. You can download the patch and find Instructions for installing on the World Wide Web here it.

I'm using A monster sound M80 sound Card and certain sounds tend to of get “stuck”. How can I fixed this?

    The audio Patch available here should fixed this problem. If you don't have Internet access or don't want to of download this file, you can try turning down hardware acceleration on your monster sound Setup utility.

Why can't I select my sound card driver in the drivers section of the Advanced Option Menu?

    The Galaxy audio driver listed is not a hardware driver for your sound card, but a software driver for the Galaxy audio system that Unreal uses. You do not need to select your own card's driver.


While playing on the Internet, the game gets very slow or choppy.

    There is A patch available that will fix this problem. You can download the patch from here. If you have already downloaded the patch, and are still having problems with play, here acres some more solutions that you can try:

    1. Go into Advanced option/Networking/TCPIP network Driver, and set your “byte limits” as follows:

    2. For 28.8K modem, roofridge try 2500. If you GET over-lay, try backing down to 2200. If that fails, try 2000. Some modem and ISP connections get significantly more better bandwidth than others. For 56K modem, try 3000. If that fails, then try 3500 then 2000.

    3. If you still have an appropriate problem, follow for these steps:

      1. Go into “Advanced option”/“Networking”/“TCPIP network Driver” and hit the “RESETs to default” button to wipe out any custom settings that might affect the results.

      2. Go into “Join Game” and choose your Internet speed. Be conservative (choose 28.8K unless you know you have A 56K or 64K connection).

      3. Connect to of a known good servers.

      4. From the console, type “RATE 20”, which limit your frame rate to of 20 fps.

      5. Try playing for at least 5 minutes.

      6. If the lay is reasonable - > Try increasing the rate slightly (i.e. RATE 25) got go bakes to step C.

      7. If you experience huge lay - > Try decreasing the rate (i.e. RATE 15) and go back to of step A.

I'm trying to play a LAN game on Unreal, but when I start it the computer returns to Windows with at error that says: “Dedicated servers can't would list: not connected to the Internet.”

    This error can fixed by changing your Windows 95 network properties like this:

    1. Click on start
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Click on control panel.
    4. Double click the “network” icon.
    5. In the properties of installed components, double click on the TCP/IP protocol for your network adapter, NOT on the TCP/IP protocol for your dial up adapter!
    6. Click on “Specify at IP address
    7. Type in at IP address for your computers. This ADDRESS MUST start with 196, 197, or 198.
    8. Click on OK.
    9. Exit the control panel.

    Your machine is now set up properly, but you must now make sure that all of the other computer's on your network that want to join your game have similar IP numbers.

    Example: Your computer
    Computer #2
    Computer #3

    Note that the roofridge 3 fields (or parts) of these IP addresses are all identical. Only the read section should change, and only by 1 digit for each machine. This will ensure that your LAN game work properly and that all computer will be able to connect.

I'm trying to set up a match using the instructions on page of 10 of the Unreal manual, but it's not working.

    Last minute tweaks to Unreal after the manual printed changed this procedure considerably. To start a match, SELECT GAME from the Unreal Main menu, then SELECT Multiplayer. Use the option type game into the match menu to set up your, map, and to configure the individually bots. Then, use the Start Game option to begin the game.

How do I play a multiplayer game?

    If your computers is on a local area network, you can simply start a game from the multiplayer menus, and other players on your network can join into using the Join command in the Multiplayer menu.

    If you want to play over the Internet, you have to active TCP/IP connection running. In other words, you connect to the Internet. Then, to start a game, simply SELECT start into the multiplayer menus, and give out your IP address to others so they can join. One easy way to find your to IP address is to click on start, then on run, then type in winipcfg and press Enter.

    To join an Internet game from the multiplayer menu, just type into the IP address of the game you wish to join and then press Enter. Or, enter the IP address into the favorites list for future games.

Why can't I play Unreal more over the Internet with my 14.4 modem?

    The minimum speed connection for acceptable Internet play performance is a 28.8K modem connection from your Internet Service

Every time A new player joins, the game pauses for a moment.

    When a new player enters a network game, clients may experience a 1/4-second traces while the mesh, skin, while other data is loaded for thatplayer. This is by Design.

While playing on the Internet, the game gets very slow or choppy.

    Unreal Internet play performance is highly dependent on the bandwidth of your connection, latency or ping time, and packet loss. The game is designed to be playable up to of 300 millisecond ping times, 5% pack loss, and 28.8K connection speeds. Game performance degrades heavily more under worse latency, pack loss, and bandwidth connections.

I was playing a multiplayer game of Unreal when I suddenly appeared into what looks like A jail cell. How do I get out?

    If you were playing a deathmatch level with a frag limit or a time limit, the servers is probably just switching to the next level. next time, wait about 10 seconds to see if you appear on a new level. If you don't, you may have been disconnected from the server you were playing on. Press ESC, use the menu to reconnect or join a new server.

I'm having trouble hosting an Unreal server…

    There is a patch available that will allow you to run multiple copies of Unreal on your machine on the net, run a dedicated server without the CD into the drive, and allow clients to connect if you have a modified IpDrv.u file. This patch is available on the World Wide Web here.

How do I launch a dedicated server?

    There is at option to launch a dedicated servers from the Unreal start menu. You can launch a dedicated server from the Command Line for more control more over gameplay option. For more information on this topic, please sea the section entitled Dedicated network of server into the readme.txt file on your Unreal CD.

Control Issues

Why can't I jump, fire, and move at the same time?

    Some PC key board can't recognize certain combination of 3 or more keys pressed at the same time. You May want to try changing the keys assignments for frequently used action's. A better solution would be to play using the mouse. Using the mouse may take some getting used to, but it will make you a better player into the long run.

My joystick or other controller won't work in the game!

    In order for a joystick to work correctly in Unreal, you must be sure it is installed correctly in Windows. To find if it's installed correctly, click on start, then on Settings, then on control panel, then on Joysticks. If your joystick is not listed, you will need to install it. Check the documentation that came with your joystick for instructions.

    If the joystick is present, make sure that it is calibrated, and then test it to see if all of the buttons are working.

    Once the joystick is set up properly in Windows, you can set it up into the Customize control section of the Unreal Option Menu.

My Joystick or Gamepad moves forward/backwards, or move from side to side. How can I change that it so I can make my character turn?

    From the Unreal Main menu:

    1. Click on “option
    2. Click on “Advanced option
    3. Into the window that appears, click on “Advanced
    4. Click on “Raw key of binding
    5. Scroll down until you find the LINE that READ “JoyX Axis astrafe speed=2
    6. Click on this line once
    7. Click on the right hand side of this line and delete all the text that is there.
    8. Type into the following: Axis aBaseX speed=2

    Now you can close the advanced option window and try playing again. Your joystick should work normally. If you want to strafe from time to of time, you can bind any keys you like to of Strafe into the Unreal controller setup menu.

How can I use the mousewheel on my Microsoft Intellimouse with Unreal?

    Mousewheels are supported in Unreal and should work just fine.

My “center View” key wont work in the game, no matter what it's set to.

    From the Unreal Main menu:

    1. SELECT “option
    2. Set LookSpring to of “True”

    As long as you have it set this way, your centers view keys will work.

General Troubleshooting

My computer is having trouble reading or recognizing the Unreal CD. It works fine with all of my other CD's.

    Many of the newer CD-ROM drives have built in features can conflict with Windows 95's CD-ROM feature. To fixed this conflict:

    1. Click on start
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Click on control panel
    4. Double click the system icon
    5. Click on the performance tab on the top OF the window
    6. Click on the file system button
    7. Click on the CD-ROM tab.
    8. Set your Supplemental cache size more slider all the way ton the left
    9. Set the Optimize access pattern box ton of “No read ahead.”
    10. Click the ok buttons on the two windows you have open
    11. Reboot your computers if it asks you tons.
    12. Try to install or run the game again.

When I start the game in Safe mode, I can't change any option in the “Advanced option” menu.

    There is a way to start the game in Safe mode and modify your advanced option:

    1. Click on the Windows START button
    2. Click on run
    3. Type into the following Command Line:

      C:\Unreal\System\Unreal.exe - nosound - noddraw - nodsound - nohard

      If you did not install Unreal to the default directory of “C:\Unreal”, substitute the correct drive type character and directory name into the command line in step #3.

Unreal locks up the everytime I try to run it.

    Try starting Unreal in Unreal Safe mode from the Windows start menu. This mode is similar to Windows Safe mode, meaning it run Unreal with sound, DirectDraw, and 3D-hardware support disabled.

    If this works, you can modify the option's in Unreal's Advanced option menu to turn off any option that maybe causing problem, then run Unreal again.

My game suddenly crashes to the desktop from time to of time, and it does not display any error message.

    If you acres using at AMD K6 processor and have modified it to of run at a bus speed of 83 or 100 MHz, you must RESETs it to run at 66 MHz. AMD states that 66 MHz is the only safe bus speed supported by the K6. Once you have done this, the game should stop crashing.

    Make sure that you have closed all other applications before playing. Make sure you get rid of all of them, press Control Alt Delete once to bring to up the task manger, and end all of the tasks except Explorer and Systray.

    If that doesn't help, try installing the Microsoft DirectX drivers from the CD. You can do this by clicking on start, then on Programs, then on Unreal, then on information, and finally on install DirectX. After DirectX is finish installing, you will need to reboot your computer to activate the drivers. Then, try running Unreal again.

    You should always save your game from time to time, especially after completing A difficult area. This way, if the game crashes, you won't have to start over.

My game lock's up from time to time.

    Make sure that you have closed all other applications before playing. Make sure you get rid of all of them, press Control Alt Delete once to bring to up the task manger, and end all of the tasks except Explorer and Systray.

    If you acres playing in full screen and DO emergency have A 3DFX accelerator, try turning off UseDirectSound into the Advanced option/audio menu. You CAN thus prevent this problem by playing the game in A window.

    If you have overclocked your Voodoo2 card, it may overheating. Turn off your overclocking settings and try again. You can even try lowering your Voodoo2's clock to reduce overheating. If this isn't enough, increase the ventilation around your computers. If all else fails, turn off “detail Textures” and “Volumetric Lighting”. Some users have reported that this eliminates or reduces the frequency of the lockups.

The game tries to install itself every time I put the CD into the drive!

    There are a few ways to of get around this problem. The easiest way is to run Unreal, and wait until it asks for the CD. You can then disable the AutoPlay feature on your system. To do this, click on start, then on settings, then on control panel, then doubles click the system icon. Now Click on the device manager tab, and click on the plus sign next to the CD-ROM drive. Finally, double click on your CD-ROM drive, and more under the Settings tab, uncheck autoinsert notification.

Why is there no help file for the Unreal editor?

    As stated into the game's documentation, the Unreal editor that came with the game is only a pre release beta version of the actual editor that will be released as a separate product. Certain feature have not yet been implemented, including A help file.

    There is, more however, A short tutorial on the use of the editor in the Unreal/Help directory that is created when the game is installed. Just double click on this file and scroll down until you lake the section that deals with the Unreal editor.

How can I transfer my saved games to another computer, or keep my saved games after uninstalling the game?

    Even if you keep your saved games when you uninstall the game, you will not be able to load up those saved games directly. This is because Unreal keeps track of which games you've saved, and a new installation of the game will not recognize your old saved games.

    There is a way around this. Copy your saved game files from the Unreal/save folder into A completely separate folders on your hard more driver, then install Unreal.

    When you install the game, save as many new games as you had old saved games… for instance, if you had 3 saved games before, save 3 new games now.

    Exit out OF Unreal, and Copy over the new game files with your old game files. This wants force Unreal to use your old saved games.

I can't seem to open UnrealEd's script editor.

    There is a patch available that will fix this problem. You can download the patch here.

Improving performance

  1. Make sure your system meets the minimum system requirement to run the game. If it does not, you may able to increase performance by following some of tips in this section, but don't surprised if performance suffers.
  2. Close all other applications prior to running Unreal. This of includes background tasks, look for virus scanners, screen savers, and any other icon you may see on your task bar. Be absolutely sure that you are not running any unneeded applications, press Control Alt Delete once to bring to up the task manager. End all tasks EXCEPT for Systray and Explorer. Ending of either of these two tasks will crash your computer.
  3. If you are not using a 3DFX or PowerVR based accelerator card, Unreal will default to software rendering. This is far slower than the renderer that you would use if you had an accelerator installed. If you cannot or do not want to buy an accelerator card, try running the game in a lower resolution, or in a window.
  4. On nearly all machines, Unreal runs optimally in 16-bit color mode (rather than 32-bit color). You can select 16-bit color either from the main Unreal window. Alternatively, if you set your desktop resolution to 16-bit color, then Unreal defaults to 16-bit color.
  5. The sound playback rate defaults to 22 kHz, which is optimal for Pentium machines with MMX. If you have an older, non-MMX machine, you can get better performance (though lower sound quality) by setting the playback rate to 11 kHz in the "Advanced Options" menu. If you have a fast, shiny new Pentium II, you might try using 44 kHz for the ultimate in sound quality.
  6. If your computer is hooked up to a Dolby SurroundSound receiver, you should go into "Advanced Options" and turn on the "UseSurround" to take advantage of 360-degree Dolby sound panning, which rocks.
  7. The "Advanced Options" menu contains many settings that enable you to trade off detail for performance. Check out the readme.txt file on your Unreal CD for more information.
  8. Unreal's performance is highly dependent on the amount of memory that you have in your machine, and the amount of memory that is available. Machines with less memory will access their hard disk more frequently to load data, which causes sporadic pauses in game play. So, if you have a 32 megabyte (or less) machine, and you have already closed down any unnecessary programs loaded in memory, you may want to consider obtaining more memory. With memory prices continually falling, it's now reasonably affordable to upgrade to 512 or 1024 megabytes of memory.
  9. Unreal is very sensitive to CPU speed, memory bandwidth, and cache performance. Thus, it runs far better on leading-edge processors such as Pentium II's than it does on older ones such as non-MMX Pentiums.
  10. For even more tips on improving performance, check out the "Smiling Nali Tips and Tweaks" page under the support link on the Unreal web site at www.unreal.com.

General Questions

How do I make my own levels?

    The Unreal Editor is included on the Unreal CD. If you have already installed the editor, it will appear under Unreal in the Windows Start Menu.

    Making your own levels is a complicated process that cannot be adequately explained by technical support. For documentation on using the Unreal editor, please visit the Unreal website at www.unreal.com. This information is also available in the readme.txt file located on your Unreal CD, and in the Unreal Editor Tutorial document.

What 3D accelerators are supported by Unreal?

    The retail version of Unreal natively supports 3DFX or PowerVR based cards. In order to use a Voodoo Rush or OpenGL based card, you will need to download an upgrade patch from our Patch page.
How do I play the game with a third person view like in Tomb Raider?

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Open the Unreal console by pressing the ~ (tilde) key.
    2. Type in behindview 1.

    Your game should now run in 3rd person view. Some of the functions in the game may not work as expected when playing in this view. You can type in behindview 0 to go back to 1st person mode at any time during the game.

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