Creating Flyby's & Recording and playback of demos in Unreal


A flyby in Unreal (such as the introduction to the game) is defined in the map file as a path of "interpolation point" entities, around which the player is hauled in a loop. While these can certainly look good, they are very difficult to create correctly, as the splining algorithms used do not cause the path to intersect with the interpolation points, instead just using them as a rough guide for the path.

To create such a flyby:

1) Open the map in which you wish to create such a flyby in UnrealEd. For reference, you may wish to open the Unreal.unr map while reading these notes (the map on which the introductory flyby takes place).

2) First, you'll need a trigger, very near to the player start, so that it is triggered when the map starts. Set bInitiallyActive to on. Set the trigger's name as you wish and set the trigger's event to "intro".

3) Create a SpecialEvent, somewhere on the map. Set its tag to "intro" and its Event to "path". Set its initial state to "PlayerPath".

4) Now create your interpolation points and place them as you wish to define a path (how exactly the path is defined is beyond us...). All of them should have a tag of "path". Set their Position variables sequentially and make sure they're all set to bEndOfPath off.

And that'll create a looping flyby when the trigger is triggered.

Demo recording:

**Note: Demo's need to be played back in the version of Unreal it was recorded with I.E. 224,225f or 226**

Recording a demo:
You must be logged in as a admin
Open Unreal
Type the following command to start recording the demo:
demorec (choose the name of the .dem file you want to save it as)
The demo file is stored on the Unreal server in the sytem folder

Playing a demo:
Copy the .dem file to your Unreal/system folder
Open Unreal
Type the following command to start playing the demo:
demoplay (name of .dem file you saved it under).dem

Demo Recording / Playing Commands:

Unreal demo recording (recording a "movie" of a game you have played) was added in Unreal 2.24, but hasn't been particularly well publicised.

Here's how to record, stop and play demos in Unreal:

To record a demo, go to the Unreal console and type "DEMOREC demoname" where demoname is the name you choose to record the demo under.

DEMOREC [filename_without_extension]
Records current game into your Unreal/System folder

To stop a demo, while at the Unreal console and type "STOPDEMO "

Stops recording current game

Demo Playback:

To play a demo back in Unreal, go to the console and type "DEMOPLAY demoname". You have a few options in playing back demos

DEMOPLAY [filename_without_extension]
Replays recorded demo (filename in 1st person view of the player

DEMOPLAY [filename_without_extension]?3rdperson
Replays recorded demo named [filename] 3rdperson lets you fly around a first person demo as a spectator. eg demoplay mydemoname?3rdperson?timebased.

DEMOPLAY [filename_without_extension]?noframecap
noframecap plays the demo back as fast as possible. This option is assumed that timedemo 1 is enabled.

DEMOPLAY [filename_without_extension]?timebased
timebased gives a smoother playback if the playback machine is significantly slower than the recording machine.


There appears to be no demo loop function in Unreal.

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