Submitting a Map/Skin

Before submitting a map/skin, make sure:
  1. You are a registered user on Sniper's Paradise by going here.
  2. The zipfile doesn't already exist in our database. Check the download section to see if your file is listed.
  3. The map is compatible for a 225f server. This means that if you use the "Unreal Gold" editor then you need to convert it so it can be played on the server. Download the map converter and read the instruction on how to use the converter here
  4. You include a screenshot in your zip file, if you would like it to possibly be a featured map on Sniper's Paradise.
  5. Your map zipfile is formatted as follows:
  6. You include a .ini file in your zipfile for your skin.
  7. The zipfile does NOT contain any files with spaces in their name. This would prevent the map to be uploaded.
  8. Uploaded maps are NOT automatically placed into the server map rotation.
  9. Uploaded skins are NOT automatically added into the server packages.
  10. Both maps and skins will be CONSIDERED by the admin for installation on the server.

  11. P l e a s e   d o   n o t   a b u s e   t h i s   P r i v i l e g e

    Do NOT submit any map that you did not create without giving proper credit.

    All file transfers and activity are logged.

    Abuse of this privilege will result in your submission's being denied.

    Submitting a Map/Skins

    Be sure to follow these steps:

    1. Email your complete zipped file to RUSH at Sniper's Paradise
    2. Include the map name in the subject line..

      CONTENT RESTRICTIONS: Unreal has a ESRB-rating of M for Mature. If your files contain any content that would bring a players's experience to the AO (Adults Only) rating then your file will be removed. Please do not upload any files that you do not have permission to distribute or use.

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