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How do friends connect to your ventrilo server

  • Ask the server owner the server address, server port and server password (if there is a server password). You will need this information to connect.
    1. If not already installed, download the Ventrilo client program from and install it.

    2. Open the ventrilo program and add a new user by clicking the arrow button beside the "User Name" drop down menu.

    3. Click the "New" button and enter a username; then and click "OK". This will be your username inside the ventrilo server. Click "OK" again to exit the Setup User window.

    4. Click the arrow button beside the server field to enter the "Connection Editor" window.

      Click the "New" button and enter a server name (anything you like); then press OK.

      Enter the server address in the "Hostname or IP" field. Enter the server port number in the "Port number" field.

      If a server password was provided insert it in the "Password" field case sensitive.

      Click OK to submit the new server information

    5. Click "Connect" and it should connect to the server.

      If it does not connect, double check your server address and port, make sure there is no space in your hostname or ip address.

      If you get a bad login or password error, you may have the wrong server password. Verify the password and change if needed in the Connection Editor.

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