Video Drivers

To check and see if Unreal supports the driver you want to use, expand Rendering by clicking the plus sign. Here you will see a list of drivers. Double click on the driver you want to use, if it fails to load to DO NOT use this driver. In the example below you can see that GlideDrv.GlideRenderDevice failed to load but OpenGl Support loaded. Since the OpenGL drivers loaded and this is the driver I want to use, then choose this driver from the drivers drop down menu and restart Unreal to allow the changes to take place.

Since the 225F patch does not support OpenGL so you will need to download and install the 224v patch to run the OpenGL drivers for Unreal. If you have Unreal Gold you will want to use the 226F patch.

If you make a mistake and Unreal will not load you will need to open up your Unreal.ini located in your Unreal/System folder and search for GameRenderDevice.

Copy and paste over the line that reads GameRenderDevice=OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice in your Unreal.ini to read GameRenderDevice=SoftDrv.SoftwareRenderDevice

GameRenderDevice=SoftDrv.SoftwareRenderDevice <-----------Change your line to read this

You should be able to start Unreal and try another driver.

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