Unreal Weapons!

The Dispersion Pistol Weapon Profile: Dispersion Pistol

This is the default weapon you spawn with in unreal, It has a maximum capacity of 50 charges, the ammo recharges, giving you unlimited shots. Damage Rating: Low to High (depends on upgrade). With a fully upgraded Dispersion Pistol, used with an energy amplifier (inventory item), it is the most powerful weapon in the game. It will kill anything.

Primary Fire: Initially, low-power, high-illumination energy projectile (can be useful for lighting up dark areas). Very destructive when supercharged with powerups..

Secondary Fire: Charges itself up over a period of time for a more powerful and deadly shot.

The Auto Mag Weapon Profile: Auto Mag

Shoots 20 bullets then reloads. Damage Rating: Low to Medium

Primary Fire: Traditional carriage, fires very accurate shots at a slow rate.

Secondary Fire: "Gangsta"-style sideways carriage, less accurate, but a much faster rate of fire.

The Stinger Weapon Profile: Stinger

The Stinger was originally a mining tool, but was converted to a weapon by the inhabitants of the Unreal world. Damage Rating: Low

Primary Fire: Fast, narrow stream of Tarydium shards.

Secondary Fire: Secondary Fire: Spurt of five shards at once, slow reload.

The ASMD Weapon Profile: ASMD

The ASMD and Dispersion Pistol are the only weapons that use the Power Amplifier inventory item. Damage Rating: Medium to High (lethal in combo attack)

Primary Fire: Lightning fast burst of focused energy.

Secondary Fire: Very unstable ball of energy which can be shot with primary fire to create combo attack, a devastating blast.

The Eightball Weapon Profile: Eightball

If you keep your crosshair over an enemy for a couple of seconds before starting to load it will "lock on" for heat seeking rocket shots that will follow your target for a bit. If you hold the secondary fire while you release multiple rockets in primary mode, they will all fire in a tight circle formation. Six seeking rockets, in circular formation. Damage Rating: High (it makes things EXPLODE!)

Primary Fire: Fires Rockets, the longer held the more fired.

Secondary Fire: Fires grenades, the longer held the more fired.

The Flak Cannon Weapon Profile: Flak Cannon

Solid ammo projection weapon. Unloads a barrage of jagged shards of metal at opponent. Damage Rating: Medium to High (lethal at close range)

Primary Fire: Extremely fast spray of shrapnel which richoet off walls, ceilings and floors.

Secondary Fire: Large shrapnel-filled shell explodes on impact, spraying shrapnel in all directions. Close range fire and head shots can be fatal.

The Razor Jack Weapon Profile: Razor Jack

The RazorJack was a Skaarj hunting weapon, cut players up effectively when you know how to use it. Damage Rating: Medium to High (lethal with a well placed shot)

Primary Fire: Extremely fast spray of shrapnel which richoet off walls, ceilings and floors.

Secondary Fire: Large shrapnel-filled shell explodes on impact, spraying shrapnel in all directions. Close range fire and head shots can be fatal.

The GES BioRifle Weapon Profile: GES BioRifle

It fires green blobs of toxic waste that stick to everything! The blobs will explode when hit with more waste, or if touched by a player. Damage Rating: Medium

Primary Fire: Fires little toxic blobs rapidly.

Secondary Fire: Load the entire chamber with toxic waste and spew it out in one large green blob that can kill a 100 health opponent.

The Rifle Weapon Profile: Rifle

This weapon is well suited for long range attacks, one hit in the head will decapitate an unarmored opponent instantly. Damage Rating: High to Lethal (one shot, one kill)

Primary Fire: Fires a quick instant long range shot, very accurate.

Secondary Fire: Allows you to zoom in smoothly for precise head and body shots.

The Mini Gun Weapon Profile: Mini Gun

The MiniGun uses gunpowder-based bullets, since the AutoMag also uses gunpowder-based bullets, they share ammo. This weapon is effective for close to mid range combat. Damage Rating: Low to Medium

Primary Fire: Quickly fires a steady accurate stream of bullets.

Secondary Fire: Starts off as primary mode but then fires at an even faster rate, slightly losing accuracy.

Unreal Pickups!

The Translator Pickup Profile: Translator

Use this to read info off computer consoles and foreign languages on walls.

The Amplifier Pickup Profile: Amplifier

Use this to dramatically amplify the damage of energy weapons such as the Dispersion Pistol and the ASMD Shock Rifle.

The Dampener Pickup Profile: Dampener

Deadens the sound emitted from your weapons, making it much easier to launch sneak attacks.

The Flare Pickup Profile: Flare

Use this as a temporary light source, you cant actually hold the flare for light so just toss it on the floor.

The Flash Light Pickup Profile: Flash Light

A carriable light source, although it's batteries are very quick to deplete

The Force Field Pickup Profile: Force Field

Creates a temporary impenetrable barrier. Useful for blocking entryways and narrow corridors, and for use as a protective shield.

The Invisibility Pickup Profile: Invisibility

Makes you temporarily invisible. But remember, if you start on an enemy then the invisibilty is useless as they will know where abouts you are.

The Jump Boots Pickup Profile: Jump Boots

Activating the boots enables you to jump much higher than normal. Once picked up, the Boots only last for a short period of time, so take advantage of them while you can.

The Scuba Gear Pickup Profile: Scuba Gear

Gives you the ability to breathe while underwater.

The Search Light Pickup Profile: Search Light

Heavy duty version of the flash light, lasts much longer and gives off more light.

The Nali Fruit Seed Pickup Profile: Nali Fruit Seed

Plant one of these to grow a Nali Healing Fruit. Once the plant grows to full size, it can give you a 29-unit health boost. If you eat the plant before it is fully grown, your health gain will be less substantial.

The Voice Box Pickup Profile: Voice Box

Creates a sound diversion to distract your enemies.

The Bandage Pickup Profile: Bandage

These provide limited healing (+5 units of health), but do little to reverse the effects of major damage.

The Health Pack Pickup Profile: Health Pack

These provide a +20 units increase to you, only up to 100 units.

The Nali Fruits Pickup Profile: Nali Fruits

This native plant has natural healing properties. When eaten, it can give you a 29-unit health boost. In multiplayer games, Nali Healing Fruits regrow soon after they are picked.

The Super Health Pickup Profile: Super Health

Boosts your health by 100 units. Don't waste Superhealth by using it when you are close to full health (200 units). Wait until you need a big health boost before you pick it up. (Note: you can not exceed 100 health without one of these.)

The Armor Pickup Profile: Armor

Armor will increase your resistance to damage from weapons and impact. Certain types of armor provide better protection from certain forms of attack. The more damage your armor absorbs the weaker it becomes.

The Asbestos Suit Pickup Profile: Asbestos Suit

Provides resistance to fire and heat damage.

The Kevlar Suit Pickup Profile: Kevlar Suit

Works in conjunction with Armor to provide even greater protection from damage.

The Anti-Toxin Suit Pickup Profile: Anti-Toxin Suit

Prevents damage from Tarydium waste pools, and other toxic areas.

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