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To understand this tutorial and basics behind making assault maps, you should have a some knowledge on map building, path nodes, triggers and bot AI for bot support. The level design will also turn out to be a bit different from a Deathmatch. You need to focus more on the flowof the map and defend/attack areas for both teams.

The FortStandard is used to define the objectives in the Assault map. There can be multiple FortStandards in a map. The bDestroyTarget attribute specifies that the FortStandard should be triggered (using a trigger or by touching it) rather than shot.

The bNoDisplaySpot attribute specifies that the FortStandard is visible (using an arrow). This is typically turned off and the FortStandard is displayed with level geometry. One FortStandard should have the MissionDoneEvent attribute (the tag of the spectatorcam to use when the game ends).

To actually create an Assault level a FortStandard actors is used to set the objectives. It can be found in the actor browser under "Triggers" and "MissionTarget". For each objective you need one FortStandard.

The FortStandard properties are listed below.

Property Specific
bDestroyTarget Set false to trigger the objective by touch and not damage.
BestShootSpotTags PathNode where bot will shoot a FortStandard when set to take damage. Pathnode must have the same tag.
bMustBeFinished If true the Fortstandard must be completed to finish map.
bNoDisplaySpot If true, let the FortStandard mesh be visible. (Often set false).
FinishedMessage Message to be shown when objective is destroyed or completed.
FinishedSound Set true to trigger the objective by touch and not damage.
GoalExtraTime Amount of time (minutes) added to complete the level. Used on large level where you need more time to meet obectives. Usually used on the Fortstandard located midway through map.
Importance Sets the priority of defense for the bot. The bot defends the highest priority first then moves to the next higherst setting when the attackers complete the objective.
MissionDoneEvent Tiggered event when FortStandard has been reached or destroyed. Usually used to set the spectator cam
MyHealth How much damage the fortstandard can sustain before it triggers the event.
TargetName Name of the objective, shown before destroyed message.
TargetNumber The order in which the attackers complete the objectives.

To actually create an Assault map:
Assuming you have a design done, you can start adding fortstandards to the level. Place the fortstandard close to where the objective should be. If the objective is to be triggered by touch you need to adjust correct collision radius to make sure players can reach them, but not from too far away. In this case bTriggerOnly should be false.

If players must inflict damage to destroy it, you must set bDestroyTarget true. The health of the fortstandard (MyHealth) is used to determine how much damage it can take before it is destroyed. MissionDoneEvent can be made to trigger events when a level of damage have been reached.

If you want doors and other movers to be activated when the fortstandard is destroyed you place a name in the "Events, Event" of the fortstandard and the same name, for each object/mover to be activated, in the "Events, Tag".

When the objective is reached or destroyed a message will show on the hud for all players to see. The message will be shown like: [FortName] [FinishedMessage].

The defenders will defend the obejctive with the highest Importance first. When that objective is reached/destroyed, they will go to the next FortStandard with the next highest importance setting and defend it.

The amount of time players have to complete all objectives is specified in the Assault.ini but when needed you can add more time to complete the map by adding time to the GoalExtraTime.

The MissionDoneEvent can be used to specify a spectartorcam as a view port when the level is complete. All players will have their view change to the spectator cam if used.

Changing the game type to AS:
Unreal is able to load the level in correct game type if the filename of the map correspond with the correct game type. In this case AS which would be AS-[mapname].unr

But, unless you do this Unreal will treat the map as DM and to change that you need to set the correct "DefaultGameType" in Level Properties. The game types are found in the actor browser under "Info", "GameInfo". The one for AS are found under "DeathMatchGame" and "TeamGame" named "Assault".

PlayerStarts in AS:
You need to devide the playing teams in Defenders and Attackers. When you open the properties window for playerstarts you have a option under "PlayerStart", "TeamNumber" which specify what team it belong to. Use "0" for the Attacking team and "1" for the Defending team. The option "bEnabled" can be set false/true and then triggered to become enabled/disabled to change the spawn area/location.

Bot AI and assault maps:
Bots defend/attack the fortstandard with the highest Importance first and then the next in line. If bots are unable to reach the objective for some reason they will roam the level like a normal DM map and pickup items along the way.
Bots tend to spend more time trying to take out the defending team rather than completing the objectives. In some situations this will be a problem as they never seem to advance towards the goal.

Defense Points:
Defending bots will defend the objective with their lives. To make them stand at strategic positions you need to place defense points. (Can be found in the actor browser under NavigationPoint, HomeBase, then DefendBase). Set the property FortTag under DefensePoint to be the same as the tag of the FortStandard you want bots to defend. Bots will position themselfs at these points in the order specified with the Priority property.

If you do not have any defense points for a FortStandard bots will stand/defend as close to the FortStandard they can get.

If you have more than one FortStandard you need to create sets of defense points for each one.

To create the end of level view you need to add a ViewMeTrigger camera. The ViewMeTrigger actor is found under Decoration in the actor browser.

Auto Cannons:
You can add TeamCannons or MiniGunCannons to support the defending team. They are found in the actor browser under Pawn and ACannon.

This actor can be used to make bots take another path to the objective. Normally a bot will always take the shortest route rendering alternative paths more or less useless. By placing an AssaultRandomize somewhere along the shortest route and making sure no paths go around it you can make bots believe other paths to be shorter than the current one. Set the ToggleCost to a value to increase the distance cost for that route.

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