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What is UGHStats

UGHStats is a localised stat collecter for Unreal that uses 3 different engines to run, Java, PHP, and Uscript.

It can be installed locally on the Unreal server and you can automatically keep track of every single match played in your server! It also automatically ranks and keeps awards for users.

UGHStats was developed by }TCP{Wolf, Smartball, and AcidRain. The web interface was built in conjunction with The Nerd Network LLC.

System Requirements

- Webserver (Preferrably IIS, or Apache, but your on your own with configuration of webserver)
- PHP 5.x (On Webserver AND Unreal 1 Serverside)
- Java Runtime Environment
- MySQL 4.x/5.x
- Unreal 1 Server running EDM5+ or UTeamFix10C+
- 2 MB Diskspace MINIMUM (Databases grow large, 1 GB would be suffice)

UGHStats is available in a complete pack and is available in zip format.

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