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Using Ventrilo Client & Ventrilo Server

Save time by talking instead if typing using the Ventrilo software and server. Below are a few questions and answers related to using Ventrilo.
Is Ventrilo related to the game or application im using?
  1. No. The Ventrilo program is not related or connected to any game or application.
What do I need to use Ventrilo?
  1. Microphone and speakers(headset prefered) connected to your computer. There are two different types of microphones. USB headet-microphone and wired microphone. If you do not have a USB headset, plug your microphone(usually a pink plug) into the pink socket on the back of your computer.

    If you have a USB headset (metal rectangular plug) plug the connection into the back of your computer in the USB connector it fits into.

  2. A Ventrilo Server to connect to. You will need the server IP, port and password (if there is a password needed to join) of the Ventrilo Server you are joining.
    Example: IP/Hostname: PORT: 8000 Password: mypass

    You can either connect to a Ventrilo Server owned by one of your friends or you can purchase your own Ventrilo Server

  3. You will need to have downloaded and installed the Ventrilo Client program to your computer. Download Ventrilo Client by clicking here for Windows and here for Macintosh

    Run the file you have downloaded and install Ventrilo onto your computer.

How do I use Ventrilo?

Ventrilo is a voice chat program you run on your computer before you open any game or application. Thus enabling you to talk while playing any game or using any software.

  1. Connect to a Ventrilo Server
  2. Join a channel in Ventrilo where your friends are talking. (Double Click on the channel to join)
  3. Verify that you can talk to and hear your friends. If you cannot hear a user in your group, they might need to adjust their sound or microphone settings.
    You might need to adjust your sound or microphone settings if your friends can not hear you.

    Trouble shooting sound or mircrophone issues
  4. Open your game or application as you normaly do, but keep the Ventrilo program on. Now you will be able to talk to your friends while doing so.

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