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Customizing Your Unreal Browser Tabs

Before editing make a backup of your Unreal.ini file just in case you want to go back to your original ini or if you happen to actually mess up on the editing described below. You can always us the defaultl.ini in the Unreal/system folder, all you need to do is make a copy of it and rename it to Unreal.

Follow these easy steps to make your own custom Unreal browser tab. This example will add a new tab that will show a populated Infiltation Standoff servers.

1) Open Unreal.ini and find the


Here you will see the tab names on your browser, you will notice you have many extra slot. Find the first open slot in the ServerListNames. Go to the first empty slot and add the name of your tab.

Here Infiltration Standoff is used in slot 8 so your line should look like:

ServerListNames[8]=Infiltration Standoff

2) Now we have to make the tab process definition. Immediately below the list of ServerListTags you will see the already existing definitions. Just copy and paste the definition closest to the one you want. Since Infiltration Standoff is a team game, use the team game definition:

UBrowser.UBrowserSubsetFact,SupersetTag=All,GameType=Team Game,bCompatibleServersOnly=True:

Type=Team Game,bCompatibleServersOnly=True

Edit the definition from Type=Team Game,bCompatibleServersOnly=True to
Type=[INF] Standoff,bCompatibleServersOnly=True

You can add parameter that will filter out servers with zero players. I.E. MinPlayers=1. To do this edit so the line look like this:

ListFactories0[8]=UBrowser.UBrowserSubsetFact,SupersetTag=UBrowserAll,MinPlayers=1,GameType=[INF] Standoff,bCompatibleServersOnly=True

If you need to add more definitions to the same list factories you can do so just all the following information to the next line

ListFactories1[8]=UBrowser.UBrowserSubsetFact,SupersetTag=UBrowserAll,MinPlayers=1,GameType=[INF] StandoffCD,bCompatibleServersOnly=True

Notice the 0 was replace with a 1 after ListFactories and a new game definition was added {INF] StandoffCD

To add more game definition just copy the complete definition and paste it below the previous definition and all you will need to do is change the 1 to a 2 and add the new game definition. You can repeat this with as many game defintions you need to use

You are done editing theUnreal.ini file and need to close it at this time.

3) Now when you use the Unreal browser you will have a tab named 'Infiltration Standoff, it will only show Standoff servers that have 1 or more people on them.

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