Here are some skins, maps and weapons that can be found on my server. I don't have all the maps up (not sure if that will ever happen) because I don't have the space...but maybe one day. Enjoy!

Custom Bots on Sniper's Paradise

Custom Player Pawns
New character models for Unreal

Sniper's Paradise Maps

Different mods found on Sniper's Paradise

Server Security
Security tools to help you run your server.

Sniper's Paradise Lobby
Lobby map and skins used on Sniper's Paradise

If your new to Unreal you can download the shareware version of Unreal to help you decide if you want to purchase Unreal Anthology. This page also has an installation and problem solving guide.

Unreal Editor
A large selection of tutorials, help file and essential references for the Unreal editor.

Visit the links page to learn more about tweaking Unreal, running a server, using Unreal's editor for mapping, scripting and more......

Unreal Patch
Patches for Unreal

Unreal Tournament
For those of you who have not tried UT you can download the trial version of Unreal Tournament.

Unreal Utilities Tools
Tools for making maps, music, skins for Unreal

Unreal Wallpaper
Downloadable Unreal wallpaper for your enjoyment.

Ventrilo is used to talk with other Unreal players while playing on the Sniper's Paradise server. You want to download the Clients platform - not the Servers platform! Many people make that mistake and have issues trying to use Ventrilo. Get trouble shooting and client set up information here.

Windows Unreal Theme
Unreal theme for windows, set your wallpaper to unreal and add unreal sounds to your PC.

Windows Utilities
Software, Plugins, Spyware tools and more for your PC.

Installing/Extracting Files

After downloading the files, you'll need to install/extract them into their respective folders. All of the files go in specific folders, and need to be installed correctly in order for the map to work. Look at the file extension and add them to the correct folder. See guide below: You'll need Winzip to extract the files. If you don't have it already, go here to get it.

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