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In a Skaarj experiment to bring their dead queen back to life and save their dying race, they began building massive dimensional manipulating devices to search the infinity of time and space for a replacement queen. Their experiments located several possible queens in different dimensions that were close genetic matches to their own, but every nearby dimension they checked had Queens with much more different genetics then their own. The Skaarj's pervious genetic experiments multiplied by the infinity of dimensions meant that they only had a one in a billion chance of finding just the right queen.

So the Skaarj redoubled their efforts and built even MORE dimensional manipulators to increase their odds. The Mercenary scientists warned them that the manipulators were beginning to destabilize the fabric of space across the ENTIRE planet of Na Pali but the Skaarj paid no heed. Dimensional devices the size of cites spread across the planet. and their stray energies began to open rifts outside of the reactor cores. The entire surface of Na Pali was soon awash in uncontrolled spacial rifts and creatures from all kinds of dimensions began to pour through. Weapons and devices from every corner of infinity came with these creatures, leading to some of the most bizarre and hellish battles imaginable.

You find yourself part of this Chaos unleashed. Are you from a parallel dimension, either searching for a way home or for new lands to conquer? Or an escapee from one of the many ships the Skaarj had pirated over the course of their rein on Na Pali? Maybe your part of a Human federation team sent to discover the source of the dimensional rifts before they grow to threaten the whole galaxy? Or perhaps your one of the few loyal Skaarj troopers trying to seal the rips before their destroy the last vestiges of your race! The choice is up to you! You'll find little limits within U4E. Our game draws not opon the resources of a single planet or galaxy, but opon those of infinite realties! Prepare for utter Chaos! This is Unreal4Ever!

Unreal4Ever © Walter Sharrow and Holger Huck 1999

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