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Unreal Tournament "Game of the Year Edition"

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Unreal Tournament Game Info:

Trail Version: Free
Download and apply this patch after you install the demo.
Full Version:  $19.99
Download Size:  341 MB
OS:  Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Publisher:   Atari

It's the game that won more "Game Of The Year" awards than any other when it was released!

You and your team of "bots" (virtual teammates) take on the deadliest warrior bots in a single-player mode or frag all corners in ruthless online and offline multiplayer combat! Face off against up to 16 players in head-to-head combat; no internet access required for single player games.

Unreal Tournament lets you play four game types:

  • DeathMatch - just kill and try not to be killed
  • Assault - go on the offensive against a team holding an area
  • Domination - capture and hold positions on the map
  • Capture the Flag - just like it sounds!

50 Levels of battle, each one a work of art. Play them all in single player and multiplayer modes.

Game Features:

  • Realistic enemy bot Artificial Intelligence! (They will even insult you when you die!)
  • Outstandingly immersive graphics and weapon sound effects
  • Play up to 10 people online at once!
  • Have fun playing for just a few minutes or hours on end!
  • Awesome weapons for the hyper aggressive or sneaky snipers!

What our users are saying about
Unreal Tournament:

"this game is off the hook i spend countless hours playing this game.thisgame also has amazing graphics and great sound quallity" - David A.

"One of the best games ive ever played online!! absolutely incredible gameplay and graphics make for fast-paced and chaotic action that keeps me on the edge of my seat." - Randal N.

"This one of the best games I have ever played and thank you for making this game reachable to me." - Nicholas B.

"Exellent graphics and great fun." - Matthew M.

"This is an amazing game, which never grows old...There is also a thriving community on the net, from which you can download addins, extra skins to choose from for you character and different mutators to vary your gameplay. 10/10" - Arthur L.

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