Which Patch to Use

It is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest 227 patch

Official Unreal Patches

Unreal 224
Use this Unreal patch unless you are planning to run a server.

Unreal 224b7
This patch is for Macintosh users.

Unreal 225F
Upgrade to this patch is you are going to run a server.

Unreal 226F
This is the final Unreal 1 patch, it includes the latest Direct3D and sound code from Unreal Tournament. Do not upgrade to this patch if you plan on running a server, this patch contains mainly client improvements and is still a bit buggy so if you have any trouble with 226f patch it is recommend you uninstall the game and revert back to on older version like 224.

Non Official Unreal Patches

Anthology Patch
If you purchased Unreal Anthology you will need this patch to successfully connect to Unreal servers in order to play Unreal Gold online, the patch fixes the version mismatch's for UnrealShare and UnrealI. I would upgrade to the latest UnrealGoldPatch227 for better performance.
Many Thanks to DieHard & Havok for making the patch.

227 Patches
The UnrealClassicPatch227 contain all the necessary Windows/Linux files to install Unreal (Linux users will need to use Wine to install)

DO NOT use your old Unreal.ini when upgrading to the newest patch. Some settings have been changed or may be missing which leads to crashes or wierd effects.

Unreal Classic 227i
Patch for Unreal versions without Return to Napali

Patch for Unreal versions with Return to Napali (Unreal Gold, Unreal Anthology and Steam).

Patch for UnrealGoldPatch227 with additional Return to Napali content. (Can be applied to the UnrealClassic version)

Note: Apply this patch first before installing UnrealGoldPatch227 and make sure UPak maps are in the Unreal/Maps/UPak folder. If you don't install this patch first the installer won't find the necessary files and can't be installed.

Unreal 227 is made by Smirftsch and the development team at Old Unreal and contains engine updates along with graphics and sound updates. Thanks Smirftsch for doing a fantastic job on 227.

Read the 227 release notes here

Frequently assked questions can be found here

Unreal Editor

Unreal Editor Patch
This patch fixes several issues with the editor. Install this patch if your having trouble starting the UnrealEd.

Visual basic run time
This patch corrects the error "This version OF CTL3D32.DLL is for Windows NT", "Unexpected error" and "wrong version OF DLL" experienced with the unreal editor.

Rich text control
Correct's the problem with the Unreal Script editor.

Installation Notes
To install, download the patch and run it. It will ask you for the location of your Unreal installation. Check the location it provides and press Next. The patcher will then ask you to insert your Unreal CD into your CD-ROM drive so it can refer to some of the original files shipped with Unreal. Confirm your CD-ROM drive letter and press Next. When the patch is installed you may launch Unreal as usual. You will need to reconfigure your display settings and controls.

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