Mods found on Sniper's Paradise!

Most of the mods here are from many authors and have been converted to Unreal so as to bring a new style of game play.

Assault Weapons

Assault Weapons mod used on Sniper's Paradise

Assault 250

Assault AddOn Enhance the Assault mod with more weapons

Assault Chain Gun

Assault Chaos



Assault Dicer Fast shooting assault rifle.

Assault Fighter Fighter Plane mod

Assault G11 Rifle

Assault M79 Slow firing Bazooka.

Assault Models

AssaultNuker Shoulder Mounted Nuclear Firing Device

Assault Tommy Gun Machine gun with new pickup sound.

Bat Wing Enhanced razorjack.

Boom Darts Crossbow weapon that shoots exploding arrows.

M4 Rifle M16 style Assault rifle.


Rebel Mac Uzi type weapon with night vision.

Shrinker Gun

SP Fleshbomb Watch your opponent explode when you fire a nuke bullet into him.

SP Assault RifleII Fast shooting GIB M16 rifle.

SP M16 Fast shooting Sniper Rifle.

SP NSAv5 Assortment of 5 Assault Sniper rifles and pickups,
completely configurable RUSH rifle .

SP ScoreBoard Add an Internal Scoreboard to your map.

Uzi Hand held machine gun

Gibb weapons.

Apples Infinity










Bunni Duster

SP BubbleGun


SP MacDaddy


Server Mods/Utilities.

ActorCLP is a mod that loads mutators on server start, changes your default map and or game type. Great for when your server is hosted by a gaming service since this mod will allow you to change the way the server starts without having to open a ticket to have your host change your command line start all from your Unreal.ini

Enhanced Deathmatch Smartball's newest release of Enhanced
Deathmatch. Supports UGHStats on your server. Visit Smartball's site for the Online Manual


Relics are 6 different power-ups that spawn throughtout the map.

Server Adds Broadcast server messages during game play.

SPAdrenaline This is a variation of the U4 Adrenaline - It's effects give you speed and much higher jumping ability which last approximately 30 seconds once a canister is picked up - U4 canister placement is completely random from map to map.

SPAntiCamper This mutator will prevent players from camping by setting their weapon damage to 0.

SPNoInvisAmp It's a mutator that prevents invisibility and the amplifier from spawning on your server.

SPNoRunning A mutator that takes health from a player if they continue to run, encourages camping on the server. Great for a sniper server.

SPRemover This mutator removes unwanted items from the maps you run on your server.

SPStuff This mutator swaps the armor and boots with new pickups.

SPUnlimitedAmmo It's a mutator that gives you full 999 ammo as you spawn.

SPWeaponSwap This mutator Swap's the default Unreal weapons for your own modded guns. View instructions.

VotingHandler Unreal map voting mutator for Unreal made by .:..:

Unreal Mods.

Assault is an objective-oriented gametype which one team attacks the objectives while another defends..

CTF a team mod where one team try's to capture the other teams flag.

Infiltration a real life military modification. Read more about infiltration on Sniper's Paradise Infiltration web pages.

MonsterHunt is where you and your team of hunters work together killing monsters.

Serpentine an action mod with new guns. In order to play you will need to set a key to reload your gun.

U4E Unreal Forever, a powerful and futuristic gun mod, read more on the next page.

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